July 5, 2022

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Technology at the Draft Service

Technology at the Draft Service

The presentation of the draft of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL), inspired by the great role of the NHL, is always eagerly awaited by teams and young hopefuls who dream of hearing their name spoken. Plague Powers, this year’s experience is completely different, but the webcast of the first round, Friday evening, offers “equality of general status” to selected players.

Scheduled for Sharebrook, the selection session will take place on QMJHL’s YouTube channel with live recording of the first round at the company’s Granby Studio, which specializes in audiovisual online. Commissioner Gilles Court will announce a total of 20 options (two compensation options) as well as the transactions made by the teams themselves. The virtual evening should begin at 6:30 p.m.

On Saturday, 2 to 14 rounds of selections will be revealed in the website section of the league provided for this purpose and on the social network Twitter.

“We want to create a little extra excitement so people can appreciate the first round even more. […] Others are more traditional to follow, ”explained Maxim Bluin, Director, QMJHL Communications.


Typically, teams and their hockey staff are invited to reveal their choice on a stage set up on ice in the first round. The chosen player wears a sweater and hat before breeding, with a wide smile on his lips. This time, the lucky ones have to wait before wearing their new colors.

“We really want the players to have experience even when we’m not in the amphitheater. We want them to be excited to hear their name,” said Maxim Bluin.

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How do the Gatino Olympics, which have the first two picks in total, inform competent authorities that they have made their decision? All eyes are on the out-of-voice discount that never speaks on the first level.

“Teams make their selection on our platform, which they usually do on the site as well. We have a commissioner screen in front of us. The commissioner sees the selection without everyone noticing. [sur le site Internet]. He has to approve, and once it is approved, he is going to broadcast it. Teams have 8 minutes to make their selection and we have a conference call with 18 teams on our side at once, ”Bluin explained. QMJHL plans to start the evening with an introduction of about twenty minutes, in which former players will speak exclusively. Among the options, weeks enthusiasts will find a profile of newcomers through capsules shot a few weeks ago. Even the best moments of the final campaign enhance the show.

Small meetings

Some teams decided to meet with their staff in hotel rooms. In Quebec City, Rimparts were authorized to use their quarters at the VideoTron Center so that a limited number of people could personally follow the draft, respecting the physical distance of two meters.