June 3, 2023

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Technology: To jump very fast, but necessary

Technology: To jump very fast, but necessary

In addition, he stressed, the consumer should be the center of thought and should further consider it if technology allows them to provide a better experience.

A jump is very fast

Despite the need to shift further towards technology, Francis Nadeau is still concerned about how fast some companies are rushing.

“When making changes, whether they are specific to a techno or business model, it is important to think carefully about the implications, especially in techno where it is sometimes difficult to anticipate these effects,” he says. As valuable.

He therefore believes the new service should not be fully implemented without first testing it. He recalled that the new services would provide opportunities for cyber attacks. That is why it is better to make sure that the service is fully functional, without going back due to some problem, he said.

“You have to plan a lot of scenes to make sure security and service follow. For example, what happens if a customer buys insurance and the connection dies? That is why it is so important to bridge the gap between the classic, the unconnected world and the digital world, ”he stressed.

Security is often overlooked, he said. “It’s less sexy to think about and it’s harder to calculate return on investment,” he stressed.

Two levels of security

He must think about security at two levels:

  1. Internally: As people are increasingly limited, there is a lot of teleworking. Therefore we need to make sure that the tools used by the employees at home are safe. Basic security measures can be implemented quickly. For example, from such a time, we can determine that all sessions will be deactivated.
  2. Externally: Ensure that communication channels are secure, especially for confidential data or for meetings with clients or other colleagues.
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For innovation, some companies even decide to do business with third party software. So they buy existing software in the form of software Or service. It is necessary to look at the analysis of third party governance. For example, if we collect data with their technology, it is important to know where it is stored and what happens to it. It is also important to determine what the consequences will be when an external organization encounters problems: Will our society be affected?

“It simply came to our notice then. The pandemic accelerated the idea, but some were definitely mitigated, ”said Francis Nadeau.

Blackchain is shaping a completely different future

Francis Nadeau believes that this technology will mainly help financial institutions and insurance brokers in matters of communication, adding that in the future, blockchain will bring great opportunities.

“This is a new type of database that can decentralize storage,” Francis Nadeau explained.

But blockchain-type registries require a high level of cooperation. Therefore it is more difficult to set up, because all the participants have to sit at the same table to define the same kind of rule, then they all have to be respected as participants in the register‌ said Francis Nadeau.

However, it allows a higher level of security, and it also allows citizens to know what is happening to their data and how it is being processed, which raises the level of trust.

However, this technology has its own challenges, especially in terms of digital recognition. “Digital recognition is the oldest problem in IT, so how do you identify who is behind the device. We have not resolved this issue yet, ”he said.

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In addition, digital identity should not come only from a private company and should not make money. “Digital identity is like a right, but it is the foundation of all digital services,” Francis Nadeau explained.

“The digital world we know today is not necessarily what we are supposed to be id Really basic digital technology, ”he concluded.