June 28, 2022

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The onset of pollution re-emergence is a concern in France

Cette remontée des cas est observée sur une base des dépistages effectués chaque semaine.

Although France is beginning to see a reduction in pollution on its soil, a significant recovery ahead of the holidays is of great concern to physicians.

On Friday, December 18, France reached 60,000 deaths COVID-19. In recent days, the epidemic seems to be resuming the process of worrying health officials. Sad news, the end of the year holidays.

Significant increase in COVID-19 positive cases

An increase in cases can be observed based on the screenings conducted each week.

Thus, approximately 80,000 PCR tests were performed, i.e. 10% more than the previous week.

In contrast, the number of hospitalized and intensive care patients continues to decline. After the end of the year celebrations, health officials are concerned that a new wave of more infected patients is coming.

Despite restrictions such as curfews to curb pollution in the future, doctors are vague.

France has not recovered much from the second wave during Christmas, which is celebrated with family members, despite the government recommending a meeting:

  • In small groups (maximum 6 adults);
  • Mask.

Therefore, health officials fear that these family reunions could lead to an asteroid increase in new contaminants in France.

Advances in the vaccine

The High Authority for Health (HAS) does not oppose vaccinating people who are already infected with the virus. There are no indications that they will benefit from it.

In contrast, no adverse effects have been observed in individuals already infected with COVID-19.

The vaccine campaign focuses primarily on the elderly:

  • Depends on EHPAD;
  • Residents in collective institutions.

This first stage of vaccination is not relevant to individuals undergoing care or rehabilitation.

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Finally, those with disabilities who live or work in specific organizations are not preferred, unless they have co-morbidities or adults, which makes them more Susceptible to virus.