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[EN DIRECT SAMEDI 26 DÉCEMBRE 2020] All the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic

[EN DIRECT SAMEDI 26 DÉCEMBRE 2020] All the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic

Here you will find all the news related to this crisis which has been damaging the population, governments and economy for many months.

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Case: 80 070 327

Death: 1 753 839


Case: 534 143, 185 872 in Quebec

Death: 14,720, 7913 in Quebec

All News for Saturday, December 26th

13h38 | Operation “Speed ​​of Light”: How Pfizer-Bioentech won the vaccine race.

12h46 | The first COVID-19 vaccines were launched in Germany on Saturday at a retirement home in the eastern Sachsen-Anholt region of the country, a tribute to a century.

12h46 | Serena du Québec police officers from the LD Orleans on Christmas Day had to be involved in a home, there are a dozen people have resisted suggestions to meet health.

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12g05 | Swiss Health Minister Alain Berset acknowledged on Saturday that the Swiss government was overly optimistic about easing restrictions following the first wave of the COVID-19 epidemic, with Europe resulting in one of the highest pollution rates in the second wave.

Swiss Health Minister Alain Berset


Swiss Health Minister Alain Berset

11 h 49 Japan will end the influx of new expatriate foreigners into its territory from Monday to the end of January, with the country reporting the first cases of contamination with a new strain of coronavirus, officials said Saturday. .

10:41 am | COVID-19 in Niger: Prohibition of closing meetings and bars and theaters.

Concerned that the number of people infected with the coronavirus will rise, Niger has decided to ban meetings for two weeks and close bars, nightclubs and performance halls, the justice ministry said on Saturday. Health, during the presidential election on Sunday.

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Prohibition concerns at special meetings during weddings, baptisms or death ceremonies dictate the ministry.

Poll favorite former minister Mohamed Bajoum has canceled his last campaign meeting scheduled for Friday at Niamey Stadium due to the spread of pollution.

“The situation has escalated moment by moment. We have gone from 10 hospitals (…) to more than 100 cases to justify these actions,” explained Nigerian Health Ministry Secretary General Aborchi Ranou.

There have been 3,005 cases of coronavirus in Niger since March, with 91 deaths. According to a report on Friday evening.

However, more than 1,000 of these cases occurred between December 1 and 21, 2020, or 43% of the total cumulative cases, according to a statement from the Council of Ministers on December 23.

The government has reminded us to “strictly respect” preventive measures, especially distance, hand washing and regular disinfection of public spaces.

Mr Ranau warned that if the situation worsened “after a two-week deadline”, authorities would “have to take other drastic measures.”

9h24 | Health officials announced on Saturday that the first case of contamination with a new variant of the coronavirus circulating in the United Kingdom has been detected in Sweden.

9k20 | Seven patients with COVID-19 died in a fire at a hospital north of Cairo on Saturday, prompting authorities to launch an investigation to determine the cause of the tragedy, according to security and legal sources.

8g33 | After the United Kingdom, a new variant of the coronavirus was recently discovered for the first time in Germany, France and Spain. An expert has warned that he may already be unaware even in Quebec.

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6g05 | Four cases of contamination with a British variant of the Covid-19 were found in Madrid, the regional government announced on Saturday for the first time in Spain.

4g06 | Russia crossed the 3 million cases of coronavirus cases in the country on Saturday, fell victim to a second wave of infections and authorities have denied national control.

4k03 | The bizarre president of Turkmenistan on Saturday promised that alcohol would serve as a solution against the coronavirus, the new wonder dish of this lonely and authoritarian country in Central Asia that claims to escape the pandemic.

3g.58 | As the World Health Organization prepares to launch an investigation into the origins of the virus, Chinese Communist Party leaders have hailed themselves as “very extraordinary” in tackling the Kovid-19 epidemic. .

3h15 | The first dose against Kovid-19, developed by American Pfizer and German bioentech, was sent to the Central Pharmacy of Paris Hospitals in the suburbs of Paris just before 7am on Saturday, an AFP journalist said. Square.