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Facilitate the integration of your employees thanks to HR technologies

Facilitate the integration of your employees thanks to HR technologies

As a small business owner, you have a selfish interest in ensuring that the onboarding experience is positive for your new employees. Here are some key challenges in proving that integrating your staff and effective HR management can help you better guide them.

The importance of integration

According to OC Tanner, a company that specializes in getting work recognized, nearly 70% of the people who benefit from the structural integration process stay in the company for at least 3 years. The survey found that in the absence of a well-planned onboarding experience, almost 20% of new hires are likely to leave the company within 45 days. In short, the more favorable the integration experience, the higher the retention rate.

Allocating time to develop your onboarding process will reduce your staff turnover, which will allow you to build an experienced and engaged team. Long-term employees are often loyal and passionate, and they have a deep understanding of the organization’s mission.

In the short term, positive onboarding experiences reduce the time required for a new employee to reach the optimal level of productivity. Additionally, if you take the time to make sure your employees are on board effectively, they will increase your income faster!

It should be noted that in addition to the beneficial effects of short- and long-term carefully planned employee integration, administrative benefits can also be obtained. Every mistake you make on new lease forms can, among other things, put you at risk for non-compliance, leading to significant legal fees and fines.

The challenge of integration

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A proper integration program has many benefits. However, it is a complex process that involves many steps: paperwork management, training, demonstration of security equipment, meetings with colleagues, acquaintance with policies organization and much more.

Since there are so many factors to consider, it is very necessary to standardize the process. In addition, it is important to note that there are low and high value added activities in the integration process. If your resources are limited, you may want to focus on high value activities. For example, maintaining payroll and all income tax documentation can be time consuming and lead to costly mistakes. The value associated with these tasks is very small compared to teaching new employees how to put company values ​​into practice.

Payroll errors can damage the successful onboarding process, as the new employee may doubt their decision to accept the job offer …

If the technical and low-value aspects of integration can be addressed quickly and easily, it will free up time and resources to carry out high-value integration activities. That is why many companies, large and small, use HR software and other human resource management processes to facilitate integration. A good example of this PowerPay, Seridian’s cloud-based payroll management platform. With its distinctive approach to HR software, Seridian allows small businesses to create great onboarding experiences.

How PowerPay facilitates integration

Thanks to its software as its cloud-based data storage space and service (SASS) model, PowerPay Provides a faster and more efficient way for managers to collect and store important employee data, which can dramatically speed up their onboarding. It also significantly reduces the risk of making mistakes, because PowerPay It will be kept up to date to reflect the federal and regional regulations in force regarding taxes and labor standards.

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In addition, the platform is customizable; It will suit your needs so that you can implement a powerful integration program. So, for example, you can collect things like signed policies and track the deadlines for renewing permits and certificates. Come on PowerPay Ensures that your new appointments do not have to deal with complex issues related to deficiencies in their payroll, which compromises the synergistic onboarding process.

Users of PowerPay Seridian’s Payroll and HR team of experts can also benefit by contracting out their services.

By freeing yourself from administrative matters, the platform PowerPay Gives you the flexibility to create an efficient and humane onboarding process from Seridian. It will welcome and inspire your new employees!

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