December 4, 2022

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Nonprofits: Donations will decline in 2020

Nonprofits: Donations will decline in 2020

Usually the holidays are when people are very generous. Unfortunately, with the consequences of the epidemic, this solidarity is less evident this year.

At the Montreal Chinese Hospital Foundation, the pandemic was severely damaged and donations were declining.

“It has dropped by about 50%,” President Ponora Ang told TVA News on Friday. There was no gala or conference, and we decided not to do the golf tournament, for security reasons.

Donations that can be used to improve patients’ living standards. Due to the health context, even small gestures can be critical.

“Those who come in, put their five-dollar bill and $ 10 bill in the box, which is a reduction given the restrictions on hospital admissions,” Mr Ang said.

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The Saint-Justin Foundation is no exception, with a 30% drop in revenue. Moreover, it is the average of the decline of various non-profit organizations.

“This is definitely a challenging year for our companies, because the needs we have to meet are even greater,” said BNP Performance CEO Christian Boldak.

“But there has also been a significant decline in revenue and a decline in volunteers.”

Sports studies have become popular

While the arts and culture were the hardest hit, sports studies escaped. The Quebec Foundation for Athletic Excellence saw consistent donations and was able to donate 525 scholarships totaling $ 1.5 million.

“With our loyal, generous, very loyal partners, we have had a truly extraordinary year under the circumstances,” said Annie Pelletier, Director of Communications and Partnerships.

“Actually, compared to the expectations we had at the beginning of the year, we were lower than the targets, but we were at 90% of what we achieved in 2019.

The epidemic will at least force companies to improve their technical capabilities and diversify their revenue sources.

At the Chinese Hospital Foundation, we rediscovered by creating an unprecedented partnership with restaurants to raise donations: 700 meals sold for $ 125 to $ 150.