November 30, 2023

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Quebec has stalled again: the big box stores have completely redeveloped

Quebec has stalled again: the big box stores have completely redeveloped

When Quebec enters new custody on Friday, big box stores are facing a major shipping challenge to deliver only the products they need to their shelves.

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Large box stores such as Walmart and Costco will completely change their face when they reopen on Saturday in accordance with government guidelines: boarded shelves, cover products, closed aisles and shelves, plastic-wrapped wooden pallets.

TVA Novels has exclusive access to Walmart Walks in Blaineville, where employees are busy making the necessary transitions.

“Over the past few days, teams have been making temporary arrangements at each of our branches. From December 26, by the time customers arrive at our branches, a display will be installed there and it will be clear which sections are closed,” explained Christopher Krangek of Walmart Canada.

Only products in the grocery and pharmacy departments are considered essential, as well as certain items for children and pets.

By 2020 Quebec is on “break” for the second time. Unnecessary businesses will be closed until January 11, and closures will also affect personal care services such as salons and hairdressers.

On Thursday, Quebec broke a contaminated record with 2,349 cases for the third day in a row. No public health examinations were held on December 25 and 26.

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