July 6, 2022

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Should we change the vaccination strategy?

Should we change the vaccination strategy?

Without allocating the currently available doses for a second scheduled injection, most health professionals expect the province to vaccinate more of their population against COVID-19.

As provided by Pfizer / BioMtech and Modern Protocols, it is a good idea for Canada to guarantee adequate vaccine supply within 21-28 days of the scheduled second dose. Retired virologist Jacques Lapierre.

“People need to be vaccinated a lot for a second dose,” he recalled. If they are given the first dose – it’s going to save them at 40% or 50% – and they need a second [une efficacité de] Choose to do 90% or 95%, but make sure you are supplied with a second dose. ”

The findings, by researchers at the University of Toronto, were unveiled last week Globe and Mail, Rather than keeping half for a second injection – giving the highest dose currently available can significantly reduce COVID-19 contamination.

According to United States Medicines Agency (FDA) experts, the Pfizer / BioMTech vaccine is effective in preventing severe forms of COVID-19 after two doses, but also after the first dose.

In the case of the Moderna vaccine, it was shown to be 50.8% effective within two weeks of the first injection and 92.1% after the first 14 days.

Although a second injection is absolutely necessary to ensure long-term immunity, some experts believe that a delay in supply will not give a second dose to zero.

“It does not cancel, but you have limited protection then. The effect of the vaccine is to really emphasize Jacques Lapierre, by respecting the vaccine protocol it has obtained.

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Maj. Gen. Danny Fortin, who heads the logistics of the federal vaccine campaign, said last week that states can expect reliable and sustainable supplies from suppliers in the coming weeks.