December 4, 2023

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COVID-19 in France | In the worst case scenario the government would not overrule the third detention

COVID-19 in France |  In the worst case scenario the government would not overrule the third detention

(Paris) Health Minister Oliver Warren says a third detention will not be ruled out if the epidemic “worsens” Sunday newspaper, During the launch of the vaccination campaign in France.

France Media Agency

“We can never rule out measures necessary to protect the population. It is not that we have decided, but that we will monitor the situation hour by hour,” he said in an interview.

Photo by Geoffrey van der Hazelt, agency France-Press Archives

French Minister of Health, Oliver Warren

Officials fear a third wave will come in the weeks after the end of the year holidays.

Since the transmission of the virus is still important, Mr Warren believes, “an average of 15,000 contaminants were detected per day, and we dropped to 11,000 …”

“The target of 5,000 (contaminated cases per day) is moving away. The pressure on the health system is high, with 1,500 hospital admissions per day, with very little reduction in intensive care,” the minister said, adding that he was ready to take “necessary action if the situation worsens”.

“The Grand Estate, Bourgogne – in the Franche-Comte and Alps-Maritimes section, starts with Nice”, the situation is already worrying with the “increase” in the incidence of the elderly in some rural areas.

Many mayors in eastern France, including Reims, have been urging for days to “redefine on a territorial or national level.”

Despite the fact that many countries have already taken restructuring measures, France “chose the toughest and toughest measures in advance to suck the French during the holidays”, “even so” in more than 40,000 new Kovid cases in 48 hours (Thursday and Friday).

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With the Christmas treaty, only 3,093 cases were reported on Saturday with laboratory closures.

“We will know quickly whether family and festive gatherings will have an impact,” Mr Warren said after the curfew was lifted on the evening of the 24th, allowing the French to move. For the new year, it is advisable not to celebrate. “We can not, one evening, take the risk of obstructing the country again for a week.”

Vaccinations will begin Sunday morning with ten elderly people and a volunteer caregiver in the long-term care unit of Rene-Muret Hospital in Sevron (Seine – Saint-Denis). The Champ‌melot Geriatric Center, based at Dijon University Hospital, will be the second location to launch the campaign.

“This vaccine protects 95% of people from serious cases and saves many lives,” the minister welcomed, recalling that “for the elderly, the risk of dying from COVID-19 is high.”

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