July 5, 2022

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Derek Acoin’s death: “the most beautiful of human beings” – Denise Coder

Derek Acoin's death: "the most beautiful of human beings" - Denise Coder

The death of former Expos player and TVA sports analyst Derek Acoin has clearly broken many hearts, with former Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre sharing a beautiful friendly relationship with the deceased.

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In an interview with LCN on Sunday, Coderre paid an enthusiastic tribute to his friend.

“He’s an extraordinary person, he’s really the most beautiful of human beings. He thinks of others even in distress. When I go through difficult times, he is always there for me. He calls me.”

On a slightly lighter note, Denise Coder also recalls a pleasant time spent with Acoin‌.

“He turned me into good clay! I sometimes had to do protocol shots during the Blue Jays games and one day he gave me some good advice.”

Coder concluded his intervention by noting how important it was for Acoin to receive a good tribute in the coming days.

“He’s a man who has done so much for others … he deserves less.”

“What he did as a human being is unbelievable” – Rodger Brulot

The late Derek Acoin, who died of cancer on Saturday evening, will leave a lasting mark with the Quebecars, his friend Rodger Brulot said Sunday.

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Acoin, 50, died of brain cancer. Our baseball analyst has only good words about those who wore the Montreal Expos uniform in the 1990s.

“Often, an athlete has the opportunity to recognize his sport, but Derek did more than that: he recognized the Quebec population,” Rodger said in an interview with LCN. With its baseball schools, with participation in charities. Or by assisting the foundations in need of financial assistance. He found a way to get involved. “

“His baseball career was ‘fun’, but what he did as a human being was amazing,” he added.

Naturally, Rodger liked meeting with tall 6’8 peers, whom he sarcastically called “short.”

Photo de Archives, AGENCE QMI

“Her smile and her sense of humor,” he observed. He has the gift of laughing and making us laugh. Good narrator. He, the people, are all on the same level. Not on his level, he is so high! “

Despite the illness, Acoin had this ability to remain positive, which surprised the people he met.

“Every time I ran into him, when I talked to him, he never talked about death,” Rodger recalled. He was always talking about life. ”

“He’s a great guy, but very generous,” he added. He was tall, no doubt, tall, but his social involvement exceeded his height. “

A baseball analyst will always remember Acoin’s first big-league presence in San Francisco. That long first walk to the mound, and her first, involuntary acquaintance with the great Barry Bonds.

“I can see him at the mound,” he recalled. I am so proud to see Quebec. For his mother who always helped him, even his father who was there. “

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