July 6, 2022

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Invin brings its customers together for the benefit ”, Sebastian Renault (Invin Clichy)

Invin brings its customers together for the benefit ”, Sebastian Renault (Invin Clichy)

Last October, Sebastian Renault Has launched its digital communication consulting activity with the network Invin. Located in Clichy, it serves businesses in the Houtes-de-Seine. The launch of these new independent activities marked the beginning of a new life after a career in the international community. Find evidence of his career and his founding.


Innovation and Digital Strategy Agency

Helps our network companies go digital: We set up and implement digital strategies aimed at improving their performance. We train managers and their employees in these new modes of organization and communication

All franchises: Can you present yourself in a few words?

Sebastian Renault: I am 49 years old and I have spent my entire career in the International Logistics Group, working in the Communications Department and later in the Information Systems Department respectively. So I have great expertise in managing digital projects. Because beyond the technologies that are constantly evolving and bringing great innovations, companies, merchants or administrations need to fully understand all of these in order to draw all the capabilities. I decided to take on this role of Digital Architect by joining Invin Network.

TLF: Why did you choose to do business on the Network and especially on the Invin Network?

Franchising is a model that adapts to the way I move forward in my life, i.e. by taking advantage of the team’s experience, advice and dynamics. The franchise allows you to make the personal decision necessary to be willing and successful.

Why Invin Network? Because he is one of the only digital players in France who has developed his operations through franchising, and this is the field I want to undertake!

Invin has two strengths: technical expertise in various digital fields – internet, web marketing, customer relationships, productivity solutions, etc. – and the quality of the women and men who run this network. Technology and people are inseparable: Invin brings them together for the benefit of its customers.

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TLF: What has your network brought you so far and what do you expect from it?

Above all, Invin has brought me expertise in a variety of digital fields and brought a methodology to persuade and support my clients in their digitization projects. With Invin, I am not alone in the development of my business. Initial one month of training and liaison with the network beyond all available tools: weekly adaptation and discussion position with all directors of Invin branches, implementation regular training and, above all, technical support in responding to the needs of my clients. I hope to benefit from Invin’s ability to follow developments in the digital marketplace and feedback from other franchisees within the Invin network by integrating affiliate expertise.

To learn more about Invin, the strengths of its concept and how to create an activity with the network, go to the Invin Network presentation sheet.

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