May 21, 2022

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“With this technology, we can compete with the gods”

"With this technology, we can compete with the gods"

Gaggan Anand regularly pushes possible boundaries. He loves to embrace challenges. For example, it closed its Gagan restaurant in Bangkok, opened ten years ago and was ranked fourth among the top fifty companies in the world, second only to Asian restaurants after occupying the top spot for four years.

Gaggan Anand rebel was incensed: “We have been told for a long time what to do or not to do, we have to cook. Today’s world is very progressive and modern. Finally, we can look beyond the edge of the plate and combine spices, ingredients and recipes from all possible and gin retractable recipes. At the age of 41, he had unrepentant dreams. “I want to create dishes that no one has ever been able to.” For him, cooking is a lifelong pleasure. “It’s an explosion of interests, methods, inspiration and the arts. For me, this art came from the heart. ”

The Revolutionary Revolution

With his home appliance maker, he forms a good team. Like the great chef, Miel is committed to pushing borders further and finding new ways to cross them. He has just made new progress, while at the same time reinventing the art of cooking. With the dialog oven, for example, cook the fish on an icy block, without thawing. This gave Gaggan an idea: a crab paw, one half raw and the other half cooked. “With today’s technology, we’re ready to compete with the gods. This is one reason why dishes are so unusual,” cheers the chef with two Michelin stars.

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Without technology, a recipe is just an idea: “We are magicians. But we need magical instruments. From the moment you get the chance to cook food without melting in the ice, it gives you an yet unfamiliar experience. This is a special moment when you have done an incredible job, ”Gaggan Anand testified.

Conversation between stove and food

While the traditional heat is slowly penetrating into the baking room, from the outside to the inside, the Mile Dialog oven should cook its entire volume. The sensors constantly communicate with the dish, which ensures an accurate cooking point. This high-tech unit detects the molecular structure of various materials and determines the required energy input. Delicate preparation that preserves the maneuverability and regularity of the fish and vegetable structure. The fish meat is uniformly juicy, the batter rises more easily and cooks without browning.

Thanks to this consistent conversation, all the ingredients on the menu can be put on the same plate. All reach the right cooking place at the same time. This technology provides professionals and amateur cooks with 70% time savings. The Miele app provides recipe preparation tutorials and commission lists. It allows you to remotely monitor the cooking from any location and program the parameters of the recipe directly into the appliance.

Create nature

Gaggan Anand is passionate not only about Miel’s new dialogue oven, but also about Azuma Makoto’s work. The Japanese florist performed both the appliance maker and Michelin-starrer Cook’s creation, interacting with ice cream and plants. “I am constantly looking for creation. I have to invent something new every day, ”said Azuma Makoto. He also likes to push the limits. He sees commonalities between floral art and culinary art: “Both combine ingredients, both stimulate our senses.”

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Dialog Oven is part of the new Generation 7000 from Mile, which is synonymous with pure shapes, rich ingredients, excellence in manufacturing and natural use. Three different models are available: Pureline, Vitroline and Artline. The last two have all-glass front trim and are available in graphite gray, lacquer white and obsidian blocks. The Pureline version features stainless steel elements.