December 5, 2023

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World Junior Championship | Canada through two touchdowns against Germany …

World Junior |  Canada defeated Germany 16-2

There are only two players on your list made up of NHL teams. In front of you, the club with twenty-first round picks.

Matthias BrunettMatthias Brunett

> Summary of the meeting

To make the challenge even more difficult, your team is being destroyed by COVID; There are no eight players. You have to play with three lines and five defenders against Finland the day before.

If that’s not enough, your goals are very simple, and they won’t have a good night in this second game at the World Junior Championships.

Germany has made a lot of progress in recent years. It has produced top players such as Leon Droysight and Tim Stuttgel of the third-ranked Oilers this summer.

But Canada, against a force like Saturday night, and depending on the circumstances, the Germans were humiliated by a 16-2 mark.

Photo by Jason Fransen, Canadian Press

Alex Newhook (15), Jonas Gahar (30)

Two seasons later, Canada led 11-1. If the rules allow, they should stop the game.

“I’ve played a lot of hockey games, but I don’t think I’ve seen so many scores before,” Canada head coach Andre Tourigni told a news conference after the game. It can range from 200 to 1. We did not want to insult anyone. We are playing the right way. ”

Germany scored the second goal with 17 seconds left in the game. Its author Florian Elias suddenly raised his hands to the sky. He probably forgot the score. Or he comforted himself best …

Photo by Jason Fransen, Canadian Press

Manuel Alberg (28), Bowen Byram (4), Devon Levy (1)

Top German junior defenseman Moritz Cedar, the sixth overall pick by the Detroit Red Wings in 2019, and next Ottawa Senators star Stuttgel will experience less loneliness on Saturday. With his club from the Swedish first division.

“It happens when you are not physically and mentally ready to play the game with this intensity and this speed,” commented poor German coach Tobias Abstraiter. We only have one or two players, the others can’t stand it. ”

Some have had the opportunity to fatten their profile. Dylan Cogens, Buffalo Sabers’ seventh pick in 2019, has six points, three goals and three assists. Cogens got his first point with a 3-1 lead. It was 9-1 when he scored the first of his three goals.

Dawson Mercer has four points, Tomasino, Krebs, Newhook, McMichel and Perfetti three. This game should be remembered when we analyze the overall statistics in a few years. Canadians Prospect, defenseman Kaiden Guhle scored his team’s first goal.

Cogens looked uncomfortable after the game. “It was our first meeting of the tournament. We had to form good habits. He explained to sort out the demolition. It was difficult. They lost a lot of players.”

Photo by Jason Fransen, Canadian Press

Jack Quinn (29) joins John Munzenberger (27) on the Canadian bench.

The next few meetings should not be more complicated. Canada works in a very weak section. Russia, the Czech Republic, Sweden, and the United States are all in the other category.

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The Canadians will face Slovakia on Sunday and Switzerland on Tuesday. They will play Reconstruction Finland on Thursday. The Finns beat the Germans 5-3 on Friday.

If Canada’s best forward, Kirby Dutch, had not been injured a few days ago and Alexis Lafrenier was there, would we have reached the 20-goals mark?

Even the simplest basic round can cause clumsy effects. Before the quarter-finals, let’s hope that one or two close matches will take place against one of the four clubs in the other division mentioned above.

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