May 17, 2022

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Defense Budget | Vote in Congress to overcome the Trump veto

Defense Budget |  Vote in Congress to overcome the Trump veto

(Washington) After agreeing to approve the stimulus plan, Donald Trump faced another major setback on Monday, with a scheduled vote in Congress to overturn his veto on the defense budget.

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If a sufficient number of Republicans and Democrats agree to overcome the opposition of the outgoing president on this crucial budget, it will be the first bitter taste for 45 people, during the twilight of his term.E President of the United States.

For someone who has always shown himself to be the king of negotiations, last week was a real shame.

After threatening on Tuesday not to sign the text negotiating with his administration approval, he finally signed the $ 900 billion financial aid plan on Sunday evening, away from his club in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, away from the cameras.

Trying as hard as he could to save face, he released a stalemate press release. But no one is fooled: the White House tenant got nothing. He gave.

The episode is even more brutal, with his defeat on November 3 and especially from his bizarre crusade to challenge it by branding conspiracy theories, Donald Trump is alone every day, with less influence, less respect.

He will remain president until January 20, but, among the ruling elites, his word will no longer exist.

In a strange telescoping, the New York Post, One of the few newspapers with kindness in his eyes, published a serious editorial on Sunday evening calling for an end to this “sad comedy” and recognizing the success of Joe Biden.

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“Mr. President, we understand that you are angry that you lost. But it is disastrous to continue on this path,” we read.

“As a newspaper that supports you, we advise you: if you want to be effective, or prepare the stage for a comeback, you need to turn your anger into something more productive.”

On Monday morning, the Republican billionaire once again visited the Trump International Golf Club a few kilometers from Mar-a-Lago. Without word or tweet.

Controversial veto

1,500 kilometers north of his luxurious winter residence, Congress is preparing for its first vote on Monday evening as it seeks to overturn Donald Trump’s veto on a vast defense budget.

This is the pride of the Congress: for 59 years, despite intense political struggles there, elected officials on both sides have agreed on a military budget, which has traditionally been confirmed in the context of the President.

In this context, Donald Trump’s veto announced on December 23 caused panic in his camp as well.

According to him, it is very favorable to China, criticizing the American president for opening up the possibility of renaming military bases, especially honoring Confederate generals who fought for the protection of slavery.

The $ 740.5 billion budget, which includes a 3% increase in defense personnel salaries, was approved by a large majority in the Senate and House of Representatives in early December. They can allow Congress to bypass presidential opposition for the first time since Donald Trump came to the White House.

The House will vote for the first time Monday evening with a Democratic majority.

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The budget was passed by 335 to 78 votes. More than two-thirds of the votes needed to overcome Donald Trump’s veto.

Although some Republicans have suggested that they may change their vote this time around, it would still take a huge amount of time for the House to fail to overcome the opposition to Mr. Trump, to follow the popular president with their constituencies.

If it succeeds, the Senate will make a decision with a Republican majority in the coming days.

The defense budget was passed by 13 to 84 votes in the upper house. Theoretically this is enough to overcome Donald Trump’s veto. But Republicans also have a flaw here.