December 1, 2023

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Puzzle for big box stores [PHOTOS] | News | The sun

Puzzle for big box stores [PHOTOS] |  News |  The sun

When there is no comprehensive list of essential items, some disparities appear in supermarkets. Therefore, buying a toaster is prohibited, but it is still possible to buy a convection oven.

Some users will find their account there compared to others. A Canadian tire customer who came to buy a tow ball for his trailer was able to get what he wanted. “It simply came to our notice then. Others get frustrated ”. The latter also believes that the health decree will expand beyond January 11.

The same scene at Walmart in Flor de Lies, where the aisle of clothing, electronics and household goods is not available to consumers. Surprisingly, while the food section is extremely crowded, the so-called inevitable sections are in the dark.

Steve Azoulay, public affairs manager for Walmart, explains how the decisions were made. “Based on the information provided in the government guidelines, we have identified items from our stores that are available for sale and will work with the government and our customers to avoid confusion,” he wrote in an email.

At the Place Ste-Foy Shopping Center, two security guards sit and control the flow of customers. Only those with an appointment are allowed to enter. Many customers go to the Apple store, one of the guards, talking about the store pickup.

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