July 5, 2022

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A cult character is back in the Mandolorian series!

A cult character is back in the Mandolorian series!

If you’re a fan of The Mandolorian series, you ‘ve seen the sequel to Din Jarin’s stunts, one of the most popular interstellar hunters.

Episodes of this second season aired on Disney + revealed some of the identities and inspirations that were kept secret during the first season. To end this new season in style, the producers decided to bring back the cult character from the Star Wars saga in the last episode.

Jedi return from Star Wars in The Mandalay

The final episode of the second season was directed by Peyton Reed Mandolorian It has already become a cult within a few days. And for good reason! Fans of the series were able to watch Luke Skywalker return in the final scene of the episode with surprise and emotion. Savings. This iconic Jedi has been played by actor Mark Hamil in several Star Wars films (especially episodes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9).

Luke Skywalker

» It would be awesome if Luke Skywalker could hide his presence in this episode until it aired! Mark Hamil said on social media recently. ” This is a real win for those who are tired of spoilers! “It’s a victory for Disney and Lucasfilms who can keep the existence of” Baby Yoda “a secret before the release of the first season Mandolorian.

Technology in Mandolorian service

Series story Mandolorian “Return of the JD” (the sixth episode of the Star Wars saga released in theaters in 1983) is only five years away. So 29-year-old English actor Max Lloyd-Jones worked as a body liner for the famous JD in this latest episode. Mandolorian. At the same time, Mark Hamil’s face was reconstructed in 3D as seen in the last image of the first trilogy, then merged into the body of the young actor.

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