November 30, 2023

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Great Gignoli des Media de la Rive-sud | Thieves attack the warehouse

Great Gignoli des Media de la Rive-sud |  Thieves attack the warehouse

(Langueil) Unscrupulous thieves broke into the warehouse of the Grande Gignoli des Madias de la Rive-sud (GGMRS) and stole food and other donations intended for people in need. The company is launching an urgent appeal to the population to refill its list before the end of the campaign, which ends Wednesday, December 30th.

Ugo Gigure
Local Journalism Initiative

Jean-Marie Girard, president and founder of the company, said he had received information that the riots had taken place just before 1am on Tuesday night. He was called by an official from the company that owns the warehouse to report that someone had entered the premises on Avenue on Borough Avenue in Greenfield Park in Langueil.

“Food boxes have been stolen, baby diaper boxes, candy boxes, sanitary ware boxes, celery boxes, microwaves,” Girard said in a telephone interview.

Many boxes were also removed and their contents were piled on the floor. “I don’t know what they’re looking for,” exclaims the man who has led large fundraising campaigns for 19 years.

According to information gathered by the Longhuil Agglomeration Police Service (SPAL), the breakdown may have occurred around 11:30 a.m. Monday.

According to reports from SPAL spokeswoman Melanie Mersil, the criminals who entered the warehouse opened a door.

Investigators have not yet identified the culprit or witness. Anyone with information on the matter is asked to contact the Info-Azimut line at 450 646-8500.

Tough blow

Jean-Marie Girard did not hide that such a gesture hurts the heart especially when we try to help people.

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“Especially when you see all the work we did until yesterday, and this morning, it was deserted. Of course, it can be a little difficult to consider the goal. We do this for the underprivileged, it is not a business, ”he said.

Mr. Girard posted a video of the wreckage on social networks. This post has been widely shared and has received rave reviews.

Longuil’s mayor, Sylvie Parent, wrote specifically that she had learned the news “in desolation and confusion.”

His predecessor Caroline Saint-Hilare wondered on Twitter, “Who can make this kind of deadly gesture? Independent MP Catherine Fournier also aired a question.

On its Facebook page, GGMRS is launching an urgent appeal to volunteers to restore the site and continue its operations.

La Grande Gignoli has extended its fundraising period until December 30. It is therefore possible to make a last-ditch effort to limit losses. Mr Girard invites anyone who wants to donate “baby diapers, hygiene products or food” quickly.

GGMRS will benefit from a campus loan to store its inventory during its annual collection. However, the company must vacate the premises by January 15. The sorted boxes will be redistributed next week at 23 food aid agencies in the area.

According to President Grande Gignoli, the population in this year’s epidemic was particularly generous. Despite the health limitations the company turned to for virtual publicity, we collected 700 donation boxes. By comparison, we collected 401 cases in 2019.

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