May 27, 2022

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Junior Team Canada: From Devon Levy Stranger to National Star

Junior Team Canada: From Devon Levy Stranger to National Star

Hockey fans across the country have known Devon Levy since the start of the World Junior Championships in the Edmonton Bubble, but for his former midfielder AAA coach and former teammate, the Montreal goalie’s performance was surprising.

“It simply came to our notice then [avec la pandémie], I know, if a player is ready, his position will be him anyway, he admits in the interview Journal Joan Goenz, who led Canada to the number one junior season for three seasons with the Locke-St-Louis Lions.

“He’s a young man who inspires others and always finds solutions. He loves a challenge, whether it’s at school or on the ice, and if he does not have the answer, he is well surrounded by his family and his former coaches.

Goens and Levy formed a valuable bond between them. In one of their last conversations at the selection camp, he reminded his former instructor about how hard he worked, a hard worker and a bug that some people see.

“We talked twice during his blockade in Red Deer, and at one point I realized he was pedaling his bike after 65 minutes in his hotel room. The phone, the hockey man revealed. Work while you wait (Work while you wait) is a phrase often told to our players and Devon is eager to do it. ”


Levy, who described his 3-1 win over Slovakia, attaches great importance to his match day preparation. Visualization exercises are at the heart of his workouts.

“As I gained experience, my preparation changed over the years,” he explained. I know what to do to be ready. My body, my head and eyes are thankful for the simple training I have built over time. ”

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“Everyone should be different, and Devon took the approach he was preparing seriously,” Goynes continued. He worked on this topic and I always encouraged our young players to make it a special routine. ”


If his ECJ colleagues have admitted over the past few days that they had not really heard from him before the camp started, the reason is very simple: Levy is constantly under radar. Yet 6 ‘Dorman was successful wherever he went.

Aside from participating in the World Junior A Challenge, the athlete from Dollar-des-Ormax has not even been invited to Hockey Canada events or summer camp, which gives an overview of the future list of options. Under 20 years. Last year, to continue his qualification with American universities, Quebec chose Central Junior A League (CCHL), in which he was named best goalkeeper.

“The colleges and the BCHL teams were skeptical, and I told them: wait 3-4 years. Many believe he chose an easy league with CCHL, but Devon chose the team he wanted the most,” Goenz said.

“He’s a young man, I never doubt on the ice or in his career […] He was often skeptical because he wanted to be so young. He was 5’9 in his first year. People will see that he played until he was 17, but they forget that his birthday is December 27th. He still played at the age of 16 during the season.

Striker Isia Campbell with the Drummondville Voltaigers recalls the young Devon’s fighting role in his first season with the Lions.

“When he was playing with us, we thought he’s very young, but he’s a really aggressive goalie,” Campbell said. I don’t know if there are people watching, but he plays the same way. He really impresses as a goalkeeper. ”

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Extraordinary series

Two seasons later, in 2018-19, Levy was the main architect of the Lions’ five semi-final games with the Chevaliers de Lewis, who had 51 wins in 52 games. Goenz and his forces lost in the final, but the goalkeeper won the trophy for being the most defensive player.

“We lost the first game 2-1 and then we said we could win the real ones,” recalled James Malatesta of Quebec Reports. Devon was great at blocking 40 shots in the following games and he gave us a chance to win with some amazing saves. He made a difference. He deserves the number one position. “

“He gave a lot of confidence to a lot of players. This guy gives Boost To his teammates, ”Goenz concluded.