March 21, 2023

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The controversy over Kareem Benzema will not stop

The controversy over Kareem Benzema will not stop

Karim Benzema France continues to fuel negotiations and controversy. His XXL performances with Real Madrid, one of the largest and most in-demand football clubs in the world, focused on the Franco-Algerian player.

The endless controversy has been linked to the fact that he has not summoned the French team since 2015. French coach Didier Deschamps decided that without Benjima’s services everyone would do it for reasons other than sport. Know. This certainly did not prevent the Blues planet from reaching the roof by winning the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

But the results are not enough to make people forget what many see as unfair to the horrible Attacker. Many former French international and renowned coaches have repeatedly asked Deschamps to reverse his decision. Without results. Despite the criticism, the blues coach is straight in his shoes.

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With the controversy over Deschamps’ refusal to appeal to the ever-bouncing Franco-Algerian, another controversy is raging in France and in football circles.

In fact, his native and coach at Real Zinidine Zidane, Another Franco-Algerian. The parents of the two stars of French and world football are from Algeria and Bezana.

“To me, yes, [Benzema] The best French striker in history. Proof, he plays for Real Madrid. He played over 500 matches. All the goals, his record, everything he has achieved here speaks for itself. For me, this is clearly the best. ”, Threw Zidane, Following Real Madrid’s victory over Atletico Bilbao (3-1) in La Liga on 15 December, and Benzema scoring two goals.

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A statement that raised controversy in France. Former players and the media have responded, as opposed to Zidane, and believe Benjamin is better than Thierry Henry, the former adventurer of Arsenal and the Blues. Among the coach’s opponents Real Madrid Identify former French international Jerome Rothem, who revealed that he was angry at Zidane for insulting him during the 2004 Champions League match between AS Monaco and the Madrid club. His so judgment is not the goal.

Without reacting directly to the critics, Zidane returned to the charge a few days later to explain his choice. “I repeat on Kareem, but he does not score goals. Kareem is a game, he brings us clarity in the game. It’s very important. When he scores, it’s better, but beyond that, he’s very important to us.”

This Tuesday, the daily L’Equipe resumed discussion on Karim Benzema, laying the groundwork for former football fame to find out if the Franco-Algerian is really the best French striker in history.

Speakers included Jean-Pierre Poppin (Ballon d’Or 1991) and 1998 World Champion Stefan Guywark. The former thought Kareem was Benzema “The best of his generation and very complete compared to his game.” He emphasizes his “Incredible longevity” At Real Madrid and its potential “Develop your style”.

For Guywark, Zidane, he won the 1998 World Cup, “I know what he’s talking about Benjamin.”. He guessed it was KB9 “Inevitable for Real Madrid” And he “France should be on the team”, Car He deserves his performances. “

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