July 3, 2022

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World Junior | Byfield and Canada crushed Switzerland

World Junior |  Byfield and Canada crushed Switzerland

Seven players in the first round for the World Junior Championships were a luxury for Andre Tourigni without being drafted.

Matthias BrunettMatthias Brunett

Canada can count twenty-first round picks, a record in Canadian history. Their opponents, Switzerland, did not have a first-round pick in their lineup on Tuesday. Not even the drafted player.

> Summary of the meeting

Talent alone is not enough. Canada learned a tough way on Sunday against Slovakia, who narrowly beat it.

Learned the lesson. The Canadians, the most prize-winning champions, beat their opponents 10-0. After three preliminary round games, they scored 29 goals and allowed three.

The meeting allowed another young star to stand out. The Los Angeles Kings undoubtedly liked the performance of their first choice Quinton Bifield, a 6-foot-tall 6-foot centerman who was drafted into second place a few months ago after Alexis Lafrenier, was smart in the first meetings, but six points against Switzerland.

“I didn’t play for nine months when I got to training camp, but eventually my legs came back.”

The head coach of the Canadian team defended Bifield even after his weak performances. “He’s easy to manage,” he said after the game. He is a good boy. He wants to do the right thing. He has been good since the beginning of the training camp. I said it would be even more difficult for all the players coming back from their experience last year. ”

Poor Swiss are in rebuilding. Their regulars have been very low since last year. Their goalies have never had World Junior Championship experience and they have never relinquished the miracle that happened to Canada.

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Only two of their defenders returned last year, Bastian Guggenheim and Rocco Pezzullo. They have the advantage of having some experience in the Swiss National League, but at least not yet expecting a career in the NHL.

The attack involved only three alumni from last year in Switzerland.

Canadian chancel Kaiden Guhley played another solid game. Originally recognized for his defensive play and consistency, Guhle, 16, was createdE Rank in 2020, scoring his second goal of the tournament. Only two first-round picks in 2019, Bowen Byram and Thomas Harley, played more than him. Guhley is the only 18-year-old defender on the team.

Canada will play a final round robin game against Finland on Thursday. They have a better reputation than the previous three rivals, but they are also in rebuilding. They beat the Germans 5-3 and Switzerland 4-1. They will face Slovakia on Wednesday.

Another win ensures Canada ranks first in its group. He will face a fourth club in Group B’s classification. Canadians can meet Russians, Americans, Swedes or Czechs in the quarterfinals.