March 30, 2023

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Dominic Anglade knows about the Pierre Arcand tour

Dominic Anglade knows about the Pierre Arcand tour

Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) leader Dominique Angled is reportedly planning a trip to his deputy Pierre Arcond Barbados.

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His company is certified to TVA Novels.To me Angled was given information about Pierre Arcond’s travel plans “around December 20”.

“We were told that Pierre Arcond wanted to leave. We told Mr. Arcand that we thought it was not a good idea. He made his decision knowingly,” the PLQ head explained in an interview with TVA Novels.

According to his cabinet, Dominique Angled wants Pierre Arcond to return to Quebec as soon as possible.

OmTo me Angled stated that his party would ensure that a member of the Mont-Royal-T‌remont would respect his detention when he returned.

“Everyone needs to make sure of detention and I can assure you of one thing, that is, we will carefully follow public health rules when they return, because all they have to do is follow them to the letter,” she promised.

In an interview with TVA Novels, M.A.To me Angled said things would change differently if everything had to be repeated.

“I think there is a duty to set an example [des députés], And I have no reason to be comfortable from the beginning, ”she explained over the phone.

The head of the PLQ is expected to discuss the matter with Mr. Arcond.

On whether the former interim head of the political structure will face other consequences, Mr.To me Anglade was pleased to say that she “has a very good conversation on the ideal character she expects to see with the whole deputation”.

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Dominic Angled spoke to his deputy, asking him to finish his trip as soon as possible and return home.

For his part, Pierre Arcond said in a press release on Tuesday that he regrets deciding to move to the Caribbean on December 25th.

“I regret this decision today because of the current situation in Quebec and the respect we owe to health care workers,” we read.