March 1, 2024

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Employees receive a two-and-a-half month bonus

Employees receive a two-and-a-half month bonus

The Louisville company, which is active in the manufacture of pesticide products, has caused a very pleasant surprise to the hundred employees who have been at work since the outbreak began.

Recognizing their efforts, Laboratories Choice announced that they had not been paid less than two and a half months’ salary as an annual bonus. Gratuity applies not only to managers, but to all employees.

Choisi pesticide solutions are in high demand, especially in the healthcare sector. The company therefore thanks the employees who worked extra hard, tamed the extra production equipment and respected strict sanitary protocols.

Employees who heard this news are said to have cried out for joy.

“It looks like they just won the lotto, but I don’t know if they bought the winning ticket. It really surprised everyone,” said Mario Brochu, vice president of Choice operations.

“Everyone is in a very good mood,” confirmed Gerry Stevens, a company employee who met with TVA Novelles.

The company told its employees that this was an “extraordinary” gesture and that it had no plans to “repeat it every year.” The bonus must be paid by December 31st to everyone.

Santa Claus also went to furniture maker Kendall in Louisville more than once or twice.

On both occasions, gifts were presented to 550 employees and their children, especially in the form of vouchers.

Since the outbreak, demand for Kendall-made dining room sets has increased by 20%. The company, which is a rare event in its 40-year history, is expected to continue its operations during the holiday season.

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“We are very grateful to our employees who gave us a hand this fall to give a little more than usual,” said Andre Gigure, director of the company.

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