May 22, 2022

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Fake News on Nursing Homes: Residents who reject the vaccine will not back down

Fake News on Nursing Homes: Residents who reject the vaccine will not back down

A message is circulating on social networks that residents of nursing homes who refuse to vaccinate Kovid-19 will subject themselves to sanctions. This is completely untrue.

It’s like a man’s anxious and alarmist message to his 90 – year – old mother in a nursing home. A post is shared en masse via copy and paste on Facebook. However, everything is a lie.

The author of the message said that his 90-year-old mother refused to vaccinate Kovid-19. And the establishment decided on the whole course of action to keep it away: a more general refinery, no more walking in corridors, no more normal activities, no more contact with other residents and his room in strict confinement. At the end of the message, the author indicates that her mother has finally agreed to vaccinate her so as not to be seen as a plague victim of the nursing home.

Completely false message is widely shared on social networks.

The organization, based in Pierrefontaine-les-Warrens in Dobbs, responded to the restoration of the truth on its Facebook page, stating that “the anti-Kovid-19 vaccine cannot be made mandatory” that every inhabitant is free to decide whether to do the vaccine or “collectively act collectively in the event of refusal” is not backed “.

AD-PA (Board of Directors Serving the Elderly) President Pascal Champavert ensures the development of the nursing home. “There is no special diet for people who have not been vaccinated. This means we will put pressure on the freedom to vaccinate. The ministry’s recommendations are very clear.” Ministry of Health Guide to the Vaccine Institute The EHPAD and USLD clearly state that “rejection of vaccines should not have any negative consequences on the support of residents.”

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