May 27, 2023

The Queens County Citizen

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How can technology respond to the challenges of the 21st century city?

Les villes doivent assurer une qualité de vie à la hauteur des attentes de ses citoyens pour rester attractives (Photo Adobe Stock)

Crossing the paths of innovation and new urban problems enables a unified and connected citizen experience where the city provides fluid and efficient daily life to its inhabitants within a moral and consistent framework.

Imagine a connected city with new technologies in the daily life of the organization and citizen of the city. Technology is a city that accesses all information in real time

From transportation to urban services: The connected city concentrates all its information to provide its citizens intelligently. Organized Events, Traffic on Traffic, Incidents, This information is integrated into a single application that allows residents to determine their actions with a full understanding of their environment. In addition, by geolocating users and making better use of data, the Smart Connected City application provides personalized information to make life as easy as possible for citizens.

New technologies therefore allow the general public to disseminate information widely. They form a powerful connection between the various actors and citizens of the city.

Innovation does not in any way imply a loss of autonomy or freedom, nor does it seem to alarm our behavior control. In contrast, driven by the power of intelligent information, innovation illuminates the city and gives citizens all the keys to their chosen quality of life. By identifying needs and data, innovation involves the enormous opportunity that citizens face on a daily basis, such as braking, blocking, blocking, and working.

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