March 21, 2023

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Hacking of rival company | The ticket master was fined US $ 10 million

Hacking of rival company |  The ticket master was fined US $ 10 million

(New York) Ticketmaster agreed Wednesday to pay a $ 10 million fine to escape criminal prosecution for hacking into a new rival company’s computer system.

Tom Hayes
Associated Press

A federal court judge in New York City has agreed to the deal, ending a long legal battle questioning the ticket master’s dominance in the sale of tickets to major concerts. Live Nation affiliate Brooklyn-based Sangkik has been widely accused of hacking and telecommunications fraud.

Ticketmaster has already paid $ 110 million in 2018 to settle a civil lawsuit brought by Sangkik.

According to court documents, the ticket master allegedly tried to infiltrate the computer systems created by Songkik, who hired a young company to help them sell 10% of the seats for US tours to artists who received a youth tour. Their “fan clubs”. The concept was seen as a way to reward loyal fans when blocking ticket dealers – it could also reduce the profits of the ticket master empire.

According to Prosecutor Seth Ducharm, Ticketmaster employees “repeatedly – and illegally accessed the contestant’s computers without permission, using stolen passwords”.

A Ticketmaster statement released Wednesday said the behavior only affected two employees who were laid off in 2017.

“Their actions violate our company policies and are contrary to our values,” the statement read. “We are pleased that this issue has now been resolved.”

Messages remain with Warner Music Group, the current owner of Songkik, inviting them to comment on the solution.

The scheme, devised in 2014 by a former Sang‌k ఉద్యోk employee and one of his colleagues who joined Ticketmaster, was used to identify Sang‌kమర్k customers and hack accounts to prevent them from doing business with the company, prosecutors told court documents.

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In an internal exchange, according to the documents, the ticket master boasted that he could “cut off Sangkik’s legs” if he could get a pre-sale of tickets for the unidentified lead artist.