June 5, 2023

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Our artists are meeting for a music party on December 31st!

Our artists are meeting for a music party on December 31st!

Want to dance in your living room before watching Bye bye 2020 Thursday night? We suggest you watch out Dream together, Great music show for free on the web!

Organized as part of this end-of-year concert Montreal on vacation, Hosts a host of artists loved by the public. In addition, she is an influencer By Marina Bastara Who will host the virtual event with Gaul Comptoise?

Here is an impressive list for singer-songwriters Dream together, This Thursday, December 31st:

Louis-Jean Carmire / Montreal Celebrates

  • Louis-Jean Carmire
  • Martha Winewright
  • Bar Brothers
  • Foukey
  • Berries
  • KNLO
  • Chloe Pelgog
  • Alicia Moffett
  • Random recipe
  • Pierre Quenters
  • Matt Holubowski
  • Mary-Pierre Arthur
  • Franklin Electric

Montreal on vacation

While promoting the concert on its official Facebook page, Foukey He and Alicia Moffett Demonstrate their new collaboration, Sky, Somewhere in the evening!

The virtual show is displayed completely free on this site‌: https://musicstreamingtv.com/party-du-nouvel-an-2020/.

Dream together, Submitted by Montreal En Fates to watch This Thursday, December 31 on the Web from 9:30 p.m.!

About Bye bye 2020, You can find out All the details on the popular review of the year enVedette!

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