June 30, 2022

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2020: Judge Trudeau says “difficult” but “exciting” year

2020: Judge Trudeau says "difficult" but "exciting" year

Last year, this kind of uniqueness was clearly the “hardest” thing for most Canadians, but it serves as an inspiration to start 2021 with the right foot, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appealed in his last wishes. Year.

Of course, the pandemic changed the lives of everyone in the country economically, socially or mentally and physically, but 2020 was also marked by other tragedies, including the April 19 massacre in Canadian history in the portico of Nova Scotia.

“We have heard heartbreaking stories and calls for justice from indigenous peoples and racist Canadians, demanding that we now take action to fight racism, discrimination and injustice in our country,” the Prime Minister said.

However, without letting themselves be defeated in the wake of these efforts, Mr Trudeau said, “Canadians have shown strength and resilience and demonstrated their willingness to work together.”

“Businesses, entrepreneurs, workers and all Canadians have shown incredible resilience and resilience in the face of the many challenges they face this year,” Justin Trudeau continued in his statement. List the many measures taken by his government to protect the economy and fight the epidemic. Keep in mind that these actions resulted in a deficit of more than $ 300 billion in 2020, and the Prime Minister did not return this amount as he wished.

“The challenges we face this year have shown how important it is to rebuild better. As we recover from this crisis, we must seize every opportunity to make our country stronger, more stable and more beautiful for all,” said Justin Trudeau.

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He also thanked all the necessary workers who were still in their jobs during the epidemic. “This epidemic has shown what we can achieve and the obstacles we can overcome when we all work together for common values ​​and goals,” the Prime Minister said.