June 26, 2022

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Giants and cowboys all play

Giants and cowboys all play

Despite playing with the backup quarterback, the regular season in the NFL in the Eastern Division of the Dallas Cowboys National Association goes into its final weekend. .

Tom Canavan
Associated Press

However, this may not be enough to allow them to qualify for the playoffs. The Cowboys (6-9) will be looking for their fourth consecutive win when they face the New York Giants (5-10) on Sunday.

The winner may or may not qualify for the playoffs.

The Washington football team (6-9) is currently ranked No. 1 in the National East division. She has beaten the Cowboys twice, which means she has a tiebreaker advantage if both teams are tied in the standings.

If Team Washington wins the final game of the season, Sunday night against the Philadelphia Eagles, it will end the first season of the season.

However, in the event of damage to Team Washington, the doors will be opened for the Cowboys and Giants, hence the importance of their confrontation. In this situation, the winner of the duel between the Giants and the Cowboys wins the Section Champion title.

His team has been a surprise in the NFL since losing their first game against the Giants on October 11, the Cowboys number one quarterback Doc Prescott, with a hip injury. The Cowboys offense, led by quarterback Andy Dalton, go to New York with a victory over the Eagles, in which they are more than 500 yards high.

“If a team can play their best football in December, they have the best playoff chances if they enter the tournament,” said Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy. His team started the season with a 2-7 record.

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“We’ve played our best football in the last three weeks. Our goal is to go to New York to win the game, and hope to play our best game this season again this week.”

For their part, the Giants, who started their season with just one win in eight games, were in the division with a 5-7 record in early December. However, they lost their duels to the Arizona Cardinals (8-7), the Cleveland Browns (10-5) and the Baltimore Ravens (10-5).

“I know our players will decide; we stay united,” said Giants defensive back Logan Ryan.

“We definitely got the right to play this game, which is very important because we never gave up despite everything we endured this season,” he added.