July 6, 2022

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Cloud gaming comes to iOS and bypasses the App Store

Cloud gaming comes to iOS and bypasses the App Store

IPhone and iPad owners will clearly go through the Apple App Store to play. But here comes a technology through streaming.

Because of the ability to play remotely with cloud gaming, that is, with the power of remote computing, it is now possible to play through a web browser.

Game‌stream’s R&D lab in Nancy has just designed Progressive Web Application (PWA) For its B to B customers, it allows them to play without having to go through the apps in Apple’s application store. The company’s customers (such as telcos operators) are able to provide unlimited access to the Gamestream Games catalog for their 50 million members, many of whom use iOS.

Take advantage of iOS 14 enhancements

“Thanks to the progress made by Apple’s new iOS 14 system, we have been able to finalize the full functional version of our cloud gaming client in PWA form, while maintaining the performance of our solution as far as possible in terms of quality. Graphic and fluidity,” said Xavier And D Director.

GameStream ‘s developers were able to develop a PWA (progressive web app) client weighing less than 1 MB, real-time communication technologies on the Internet, “GameStream explains.

What is the interest of this solution? It can be installed on all devices running the current version of the iOS 14 system, without having to go through the Apple App Store. After registering on the platform, the user will automatically receive an e-mail or SMS, allowing them to add a progressive web application to the home screen of their iPhone or iPad.

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Offer for B to B

This solution is currently only available to Game‌stream’s B to B users: Etisalat (1Is Telecom Operator in United Arab Emirates), Telecom Indonesia (1Is Operator in Indonesia), Sunrise (1Is 5G telecom operator or median (1) in EuropeBack PC brand in Germany).

But Gamestream ensures that it communicates “within a few weeks of signing a major contract with a French actor”.