July 4, 2022

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“It’s not mentally easy” Devon Levy

“It’s not mentally easy” Devon Levy

Devon Levy took advantage of the best seat at Rogers Place and congratulated his team on their dominance in the four prelims.

While his teammates had a blast dangerous, he often had to find ways not to freeze his feet!

The Montreal goalkeeper faced a total of 61 shots in the first four games. Sure, he showed the castle against an average of 0.82 and his save percentage was 0.951. However, that is not to say that he took it lightly.

“As happened in the tournament, getting only eight shots after two seasons is not mentally easy. It’s hard to stay warm. On the other hand, I had this experience last year. [avec les Canadians de Carleton Place]. We have a very good team and I have to be ready for every opponent’s score even if I don’t get a lot of shots. On the other hand, not being busy is mentally harder than getting 40 shots per game, ”he admits.

Well answered

Despite everything, the Lions du Lock believes St.-Louis responded well to production conditions.

“I have been consistent and consistent in my performances. I have to admit that the team played very well in front of me and I hope to come back in their favor in the coming matches,” he said.

An analysis shared in every way by his coach Andre Tourign.

“He’s very good,” said the Canadian pilot. It is very difficult for a goalie not to receive shots for a long time, and then when the penalty is found to be killing or trapped in our territory. He answered well every time. “

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Levy developed his own method of reducing stress as much as possible, to ensure he was always mentally ready.

“I want to clear my head by giving the command to enjoy every game. Thank you so much to me for being here on behalf of Canada and helping this team win the gold medal. When I think about it, it helps me to forget stress. ”

Example of Heart

Seen this way, he borrowed it a little from Carter Hart. The Philadelphia Flyers goalie helped Canada win gold at the 2018 tournament in Buffalo.

Prior to the start of training camp, Team Canada Jr. sent out videos of the last masked men to represent their juniors to Canada: Carter Hart, Michael DiPietro and Joel Hoffer et al.

However, Levi requested to receive more than isolated clips, but full matches to prepare well.

In the end, it was Hart who inspired the Quebec goalkeeper the most.

“I saw a lot of videos of Hart and he was very consistent and always gave his team a chance to win. I try to do the same. I never get a chance to talk to him, but when I look at him he never seems nervous. He seems to have fun on the ice and he stops every puck. Is fighting. “