July 7, 2022

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JSK: Boujidi, this is the end

JSK: Boujidi, this is the end

Yusuf Bouzidi today made an appointment with Charif Mellal for the amicable termination of the agreement between the two parties. In principle, if there are no last minute conflicts, the two people will have to make a financial compromise.

But like JSK, there was an important match with Union Sporting de la Gendermeri National du Niger this Tuesday, with President Mellal agreeing with him to continue coaching the team until earlier today. To return to his place. Thus, the Franco-Tunisian coach was removed from his post a month after he was installed in the technical authority of the Canaries in place of the Yemeni Zelfani, after being drawn against the CABBA on the first day of his post, Bouzidi Land. The leaders all knew that this division was friendly, but that he had been removed from office. Never before in the history of this prestigious club has it been cited as an example of consistency and good management, before people talk about it through absurd decisions as if they had taken each other without management. She tries to give even the slightest explanation to her supporters. Despite a positive record (3 wins, 1 draw against 5 defeats in 5 matches including 3 matches), the captains chose to split with Boujidi.


Coach Bouzidi, who signed a one-season contract at the end of last November, is expected to agree to terminate his contract after authorities proposed compensation for unfair dismissal. Knowing that some officers had drafted an outrageous report against him and advising President Mellal to fire the team as soon as possible without drowning, he was not ready to continue his stunts. That is why during the meeting with President Mellal to be held today, he did not hesitate for a single moment to conclude his agreement. On social networks, despite the statistics being put forward, nothing has been filtered over the amount of his compensation, making it difficult to verify anything due to management silence on the matter. Sure enough, Bouzidi worked with the team for a month and he left with a good jackpot.

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Bouzidi agreed with President Mellal to continue coaching the team until Tuesday before giving way to French coach Denis Lavagne, as expected at TG Ozou later this week. It will come as no surprise to more than one man until the captains trust him to finish the season for the CAF Cup return match against Union Sporting de la and give it to him. Niger National Gender‌Mary. Although the Nigerian representative was a very weak team and thanked the Canaries for practically qualifying for Niamey in the next round, Boujidi agreed to coach for this return match. The problem is, there is no trust between the two parties, but to avoid the bad surprise facing the Nigerian representative, President Mellal officially removed Bouzidi from his post preferring to continue his “freelance” until the Tuesday before.

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