May 22, 2022

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EHPAD LES September Launching vaccines at Collins de Besanానon, families concerned

EHPAD Les Sept Collines, où 50 résidents vont être vaccinés contre le covid lundi 4 ou mardi 5 janvier 2021.

EHPADless September Collins de Besanానn (Dobbs) must have fifty out of 120 inhabitants Vaccinated from Monday, January 4th or Tuesday, January 5th. The residence is one of the member of the Mutualite Franchise Cantoise group Department Premieres To start the vaccine campaign. But relatives of the residents are still skeptical.

Did not ask us for our opinion “

They met on Sunday, January 3, before EHPAD Bissontin came to see their mother, a brother and his sister were worried about starting the vaccine. They regret not giving enough information and not being contacted To their liking. “A doctor called us ten days ago to tell us that our mother was fit to be vaccinated, but he did not ask for our opinion.”, Supports 87-year-old resident’s daughter.

“I asked if we had time to think, but in fact it was immediately there. We have no word because we are not legal guardians, but it’s not normal.”, Adds his brother. True, Their mother has Alzheimer’s disease And according to her children, she is not in a position to decide whether or not to get vaccinated.

If she is vaccinated, we hope to get her out of the nursing home again. “

So the siblings decided to write to EHPAD “We were told it was impossible, so we agreed and it was basically better to vaccinate her so we could take her out again and bring her back to us.”. This resident confirms the son Has not left his EHPAD since last spring.

Fifty of the 120 residents will be vaccinated from January 4 or 5

Met in the parking lot of Seven hills, The daughter of another resident who is 95 years old and suffering from Alzheimer’s disease has not yet been contacted. “I don’t think the mother has a preference for vaccinations because she doesn’t have a physical health problem.”, She says.

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But when we asked her, she was sure, She admits that her mother was vaccinated. This does not prevent him from having problems: “We know nothing, we do not know the contraindications, the side effects and this vaccine is really reliable”. However, she said she trusts the medical staff to give her answers quickly.