March 30, 2023

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Invictus Gaming loses its head coach

Invictus Gaming loses its head coach

Invictus Gaming announced the departure of its head coach: Fly this morning. At present, his replacement name has not been released.

Head coach takes off

Unfortunately, the 2020 season is not over as planned for the 2018 World Champion; After finishing first at the end of the regular season in the Spring Split, the team finished 4th in the Spring segment playoffs, knocked out of the tournament by the FunPlus Phoenix roster. The Summer Split is less than any level of results, only 3rd in the Championship stage and 6th in the playoffs (3-0 defeat to LGD Gaming). Invictus Gaming, which scored enough points throughout the year, still qualified for the regional finals, but once again lost to LGD Gaming, the final score was 3-1, and no. It therefore failed to qualify for the 2020 League of Legends World Championship.

Despite these results, Invictus Gaming (for now) is calm in the transfer window, announcing the promotion of three team players to the first team, namely Peng “XUN” Li-Jun (Jungler), Wu “Snow” Hao-Shun (Bottlener) and Li “Lucas” Tan -Pan-Oo (support), the departure of coach Siu “Chris” Kyung, as well as the appointments of Ng Kong “Wink” Rui (former Istar) and Huang “Firefox” Ting-Xiang, respectively, AD Carrie and coach. Thus Invictus Gaming recently participated in the 2020 edition of the Demasia Cup, with a much less reconstructed list, the tournament unfortunately ended for TheShy and these teammates; The team that won 2 of 4 games in Pool D finished 3rd, resulting in not being allowed to qualify for the playoffs.

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These latest results seem to have improved the future of the head coach of this Invictus gaming team next season; In a statement posted on Weibo this morning, the club’s management announced the departure of Kim “Fly” Song-Chul. The South Korean technician began his coaching career with Jin Air Greenwings in 2013 (with the Falcons and Stealth teams); After spending North American stunts under the colors of LMQ / Team Impulse, he briefly worked as a coach for the Royal Never Give Up in China for the first time, aligning big names in the Chinese scene at the time. Such as Looper, MLXG, Uzi and Mata. The following year, he returned to North America as the Phoenix 1 coach, before returning to South Korea in the colors of Gin Air Green Wings. In November 2018, he was nominated by SK Telecom T1, won the 2019 Spring and Summer Splits playoffs and placed 3rd / 4th in the Worlds (3-1 defeat to G2 Sports). A few weeks later, he moved to China and became head coach at Invictus Gaming.

At present, his replacement name has not yet been revealed by Invictus Gaming, but the head coach’s duties could be handed over to Firefox, RNG’s former coach and J Team ‘former head coach. The club took advantage of the fly exit announcement, announcing that Ning would become a passive player for 2021.