May 22, 2022

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“Play-to-play” and playable ads in the program

inpact hardware

Facebook’s turn to access the game from remote servers. The social network provides this service in addition to functionality with more and more contextual advertising. In a nutshell, this is an extension of Instant Games that has been around for a long time.

Cloud gaming services have been on the rise recently and it seems that almost everyone is deciding to get started. GeForce Now (Nvidia), Luna (Amazon), PlayStation now (Sony), Shadow (Blade), Stadia (Google) and XCloud (Microsoft). Here now Facebook Gaming.

Facebook initially explains that its service is “no”

First of all, Jason Rubin (Vice President in charge of games on the social network) would like to point this out. ” This is not an independent cloud gaming service […] All cloud games can be played the same way Instant games on Facebook, In our Games tab or from the news feed. No special hardware or controllers required .

Knowing that some of its competitors’ promises sometimes show frustration and / or limitations, the American giant explains: Do not attempt to gallery by appreciating its amazing data centers, compression algorithms, its resolution or the number of frames per second .

Of course, Facebook Gaming does not aim too high, nor does it attempt to change console or mobile gaming. Two different formats have been announced: in the form of classic mobile titles and others playable ads. Yes, cloud gaming on Facebook is the question of advertising formats above all else.

Des Free-to-Play N «Streaming», sur Facebook

Let’s start with the classic games. To attract as many people as possible, the company begins with “free-to-play” games that can be played for free. Extending HTML5 based “instant games” is actually. If they were provided for a long time in this form, they would now be more “complicated”.

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Here is a list of titles available now: Asphalt 9: Legends Game by the loft, Mobile Legends: Adventure De Mountain, PGA Tour Golf Shootout De concrete software, Solitaire: Arthur’s Tale And through Qublix games WWE Super Card 2 K’s. The next week, Dirt Bike Unchained Red Bull’s will be added, certainly followed by others.

The company wants to focus on games that do not rely too much on delay to improve and improve its system. It will surpass the second in 2021 with action and adventure games. Important: Games may contain in-app purchases and advertising, depending on the developers’ formats and preferences. We do not have further details at this time.

It is also possible to use a nickname and avatar from your account. It’s not a question of “anonymous”, it brings up a nickname if necessary. ” Player names and activity appear next to their “real name” when they choose to connect with friends or other players in the game. », Specifies Facebook.

Cross Play is available on Android and the web ‌ What about iOS?

If developers use an internal login service, they can provide “cross-play” between games on Facebook and their downloadable versions. Announced in September, Along with other features for developers.

Facebook Gaming is now available on Android and web application. The experiment was limited to certain areas of the United States, but expansion was planned depending on server capacity. No timetable specified, especially for launching in Europe.

iOS has no subscribers so it’s not necessarily a question of time: ” Even with Apple’s new cloud gaming approach, we do not know if launching in the App Store is a viable option. », The company explains. This is also an opportunity for Facebook Add layer Against the Apple brand:

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« While our iOS path is uncertain, one thing is clear. Apple treats games differently and maintains control over the most valuable resource »

“Playable Ads” in HTML5, Android and iOS

Finally, a few words on a second cloud gaming format with playable ads. It goes through Facebook’s HTML5 playable ads, so they can be extended to video games.

« We can now support interactive demos from the local game code », Describes the social network. Partners of this ad format are currently 2K, FunPlus, Gameloft, Glue Mobile, Gram Games, Rovio and Wildlife Studios. Documentation is available for developers In this way.

At this point, Android and iOS are concerned.