April 2, 2023

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Vaccine slowdown in France: Axel Cohn rebels

Vaccine slowdown in France: Axel Cohn rebels

In a column published on his blog, geneticist Axel Cohn, who is also president of the National League Against Cancer, protests the slowing down of the vaccine campaign against Kovid-19.

He is one of the most respected scientists in France. Axel Kahn, president of the National League Against Cancer, a recognized geneticist, has spoken out against the vaccine campaign against Kovid-19 and the slowdown in its implementation. In a column published on Saturday entitled “The Autopsy of Disaster”, the person who has already claimed responsibility for wearing the mask in the closed areas on July 14 – must wear it on August 1 – first establishes a report.

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“The more the virus spreads, the greater the number of random mutants, some of which will benefit,” he recalled. Therefore, the vaccine alone can eradicate the spread of the virus, but Axel Kahn worries that “only 400 of the million doses of vaccine received in France (received) have been used”. “How do you describe such an early disaster?” Martin asks Aubrey’s former travel companion.

For him, “the main reason is the administrative burden and policy acumen of state institutions, especially in the health sector.” And Axel Kahn to describe the method chosen by the High Authority of Health (HAS). “HAS does its job without any dynamic focus of compliance with the need, public health or outcome of the epidemic. (…) Is the policy in place too slow? Yes, but in line with the rules!” -In the vaccine “and its communication campaign.” Here in the first speech, Alain Fisher, a distinguished scientist who was a dear friend against employment, said all the questions he asked himself, not what to expect. The authorities are very proud to announce sites that report adverse reactions, and to declare themselves ready to disrupt the campaign if necessary … but the hope of the vaccine, the way it is detected, the extraordinary scientific adventure it represents? Almost nothing. Self, listening to this, I am asking myself questions! (Private joke). “He concludes with a famous Latin phrase:” Errare Humanun est sed perseverare diabolicum… “, which can be translated as error human but unfortunate to be persistent in error”.

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In private, Emmanuel Macron was angry

According to JDD, This slowdown will also irritate the highest peak in the state. “We are on a family walk, it’s not time or French,” the head of state lamented, according to newspaper reports. “I will fight morning, afternoon, night and night. I expect the same commitment from everyone. But there, it does not go […]. It must become quick and strong and it will become quick and strong, ”the Republican president told relatives, adding that France had vaccinated 352 people on December 31.

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