July 5, 2022

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Pyrone gaming: Immortals Phoenix Rising, a walk between the gods

Pyrone gaming: Immortals Phoenix Rising, a walk between the gods

Tested on the Xbox Series X. The game can also be played on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Stadia and PC.

The latest from Ubisoft Studios is a good surprise and a real success. Released last month, the Immortals Phoenix Rising Watch Dogs Legions and Assassin’s Creed Valhala have a huge work going on behind them, two more open-world behemoths launched by the French publisher in late 2020.

Less ambitious than the titles mentioned above, the Immortals are so pleasing to the eye, with a simple and effective artistic direction, that it only takes a few minutes to understand what we are dealing with.

In the heart of Olympus

We played the role of the phoenix, he takes place in Greek mythology and its goal is to come to the aid of the four gods so that they can help the player to defeat Titan Typhoon.

© Photo credit: Ubisoft

To achieve this, we thrive in the middle of Olympus, in the open world and we find joy in thriving. The character can go literally anywhere.

Mobility is enabled by the possibility of climbing every corner of the map, however care must be taken to maintain your endurance well. The phoenix can also take advantage of Daedalus wings, which allows him to travel more or less the same distance. Convenient to reach places that are generally inaccessible.

Within multiple areas of the open world, the character must solve many puzzles. A way to develop and strengthen both your life gauge and your endurance. Well built, these puzzles bring a real plus to immortals and are really well done.

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But the universe of immortals would not be complete without Zeus and Prometheus, two colorful characters. Humor and irony, however, are the lines of dialogue that give Immortals a different touch from other structures of the genre. Special mention to the voice of Lionel Astier, the wonderful Zeus in the role of the God of the Gods. The only downside: if you buy the boxed version of the title, you will qualify for the comedian trombine on the cover. This spoils the scenario of decorating a very successful game box.

Republic of the Pyrenees
© Credit Photo: Capture the Xbox Series X.

Speaking of fights, the Immortals are having a lot of fun again. The system is well oiled, and it didn’t take long to learn the scenes that will allow you to overcome the enemies surrounding the map. Again, the Immortals kept it simple, one way or another.

L’inspiration “Zelda”

This Immortals test would not be complete without mentioning the “Zelda Breath of the Wild”. Nintendo’s masterpiece clearly inspired the Ubisoft title. In addition to climbing, puzzles or art direction, Immortals gets a simple gameplay very close to Breath of the Wild.

Nintendo’s title bar has reached a very high level, reaching the level of inventing a new kind of game, so it’s not surprising to see Ubisoft rushing into it. Immortals are far from a simple copy because it brings a distinct thanks to its universe and its secondary characters in particular. Although Wild’s Zelda Breath apparently played at another table, both games were complementary, Immortals does better than prevent and clearly remains a testable title. This is likely to be greatly appreciated.

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Do you like Immortals Phoenix Rising …

  • You like Greek mythology
  • You like adventure games
  • You like to create a bib with the gods
  • You like Zelda Breath of the Wild

You do not like Immortals Phoenix Rising …

  • You do not like open world games
  • Looking for advanced gameplay
  • You don’t like Wild’s Zelda Breath