May 24, 2022

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Elections in Georgia | Democratic hopes for the U.S. Senate, suspense remains

Elections in Georgia |  Democratic hopes for the U.S. Senate, suspense remains

(Atlanta) Democratic voices were confident Tuesday night in the crucial double senatorial election for the start of Joe Biden’s term, but the announcement of the result two hours after the election was far from over.

Elody Cousin with Jerome Cortilier in Washington
France Media Agency

“Play all day today,” warns Joe Biden, who will be on January 20, 46E The U.S. president and Donald Trump are expected to break up.

If they can only risk one of the two seats, Republicans will place their majority in the Senate. “This election is very close,” warned two outgoing Republican senators, David Perdue and Kelly Loughfler, in the afternoon.

If two Democratic candidates, Joan Osaf and Rafael Warnock win, the upper house will fall to Joe Biden’s camp.

  • Rafael Warnock

    Photo by Elijah News, Reuters

    Rafael Warnock

  • Joan Ossaf

    Photo Burns Camp, AP

    Joan Ossaf

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While only 60% of ballots are counted in the state of Georgia, two Democratic candidates are in a very low lead.

Precautions are in order, the gap decreases as the count increases; As demonstrated by the November 3 presidency, the results are very different between the counting of ballots cast in advance and the day of voting.

But Democrats can’t wait to express their hope.

“I think we’ve going to win,” tweeted Rufus Gifford, former Joe Biden deputy campaign leader and former ambassador.

“Georgia is making history once again,” said Ilhan Omar, a Democrat who was elected to the House of Representatives.

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Dave Wasserman, an analyst at the independent site Cook’s political report, said Republicans had a “voting problem” and recalled the Democratic wave in the House two years ago.

“This is what we saw in 2018: most Trump voters will not rally when Trump is not on the ballot. Will history repeat itself tonight? So far, yes, ”he tweeted.

Republicans were discouraged from voting by the billionaire’s repeated fraud allegations.

“Save America”

More than three million voters were able to cast their ballots for the partial senatorial in Georgia, a record 40% of those registered in the state.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, an independent organization, a total of 32,832 million was spent on the campaign.

As a sign of big problems, the appointed and outgoing presidents were heard on the field on Monday.

Photo by Mandel Engon, France-Press Agency

Donald Trump during a rally in support of Republican candidates for the Senate election on Tuesday in Dalton, Georgia

This by-election could be “your last chance to save America as we love it”, with Dalton Donald Trump refusing to accept defeat more than two months after the election.

Two Republican senators are favorites in this traditional state.

David Perdue was close to 50% over Jon Osaf in the first round. Kelly Loffler could take advantage of a substantial carry over from a Republican opponent who split support in the first round with Rafael Warnock in the first round.

For the first time since 1992, Democrats were galvanized on November 3 by a narrow victory in the state of Joe Biden.

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In particular, they sought to mobilize African-American voters who were key to Democratic success.

Trump in front of his supporters

Following this by-election, Congress convenes to formally register the vote of the electorate in favor of Joe Biden (306 against 232).

The outcome of this constitutional obligation is no doubt: Joe Biden will be 46E President of the United States on January 20.

But Donald Trump’s Crusade gives a special tone to this day.

Photo by Lee Millis, Reuters

Donald Trump in front of his supporters in Dalton, Georgia

While some Republican heavyweights acknowledge the Democrat victory, the outgoing president is counting on the continued support of dozens of lawmakers.

The elected officials promised to raise their objections on Wednesday and echo the allegations of fraud within the capital itself.

Trump again put pressure on his vice president, Mike Pence, on Tuesday to have a ceremonial role in declaring Joe Biden the winner.

“The vice president has the power to reject fraudulently elected voters,” the president incorrectly tweeted.

On the street, a large demonstration in support of Donald Trump is planned in Washington. Hundreds of supporters had already gathered in the capital on Monday, holding flags on behalf of the billionaire.

The outgoing president confirmed that he would speak with them at 11 a.m. Wednesday from an esplanade called the Ellipse, south of the White House.

Joe Biden stopped commenting on this unprecedented pressure around a day that was usually a formality. On Wednesday he planned to make a speech on the economy.