March 25, 2023

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Curfew in Quebec, winter

Curfew in Quebec, winter

So today we will find out what the scale is Quebecs will have to submit next month, At least. It is guaranteed to be normalized. We did what we expected.

I hope we take into account the situation of lonely people despite everything.

But apparently the government is planning to tighten the screws a little more than it should. He plays with the curfew idea. This is clearly the Public Health Council. Does he really embrace it to give air in moderation to his other actions? Let’s see.


We understand that the government wants to take an unprecedented measure and finally send a signal that it is ready for major routes and many great routes, to end the epidemic. However, it is not known whether this measurement resolves or causes frustration.

Because if we were in Quebec, one thing would not change in the nearly half a millennium spent in this territory, we would be frozen in January and February.

Some people prefer to leave their homes at 9pm or 10pm, except for separation, walking with their spouse or taking a pet for a walk.

Is the short health walk now in the cross shares of public health?

By playing with this idea, at least, by letting it air, has the government not shown its inability to handle the crisis? We are looking for the last freedom that has been stopped and we have found them. Keep it within bounds! Arrest again! Limit strongly! Our governments, apparently, have it only as an expression of their power. In Ottawa, they also print large sums of money.

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But by wanting to be omnipotent, it can turn out to be ridiculous.

We are told over and over again: if everyone is disciplined, there is no need to go that far. Of course. Sanitary discipline is required.

But humans are not robots and most of them have not made a vow of solitude. We are all one in a historic crossing that condemns underground friendship.

Seeing the population underestimated and severely condemning those who do not fully comply with the rules is tempting in situations.


We tell them that they spent most of their time in the trenches in 1916 or in Normandy in 1944. An evil spirit can still answer that men who have been shot by the enemy have not lost the primary pleasures of comradeship.

If this radical restraint is effective, so be it. If there was a curfew, I hope no one would think about condemning the grandparents to the police because they went to get fresh air after lunch to take Snowy out.

I wrote yesterday: All that remains is to make the vaccination campaign a success. This government has no right to be missed.