May 23, 2022

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Maripier Morin Rehabilitation

Maripier Morin Rehabilitation

On December 28, Newspaper Published “The Most Popular Barometer”. When the Leger company asked Quebecs “Who is the Quebec Personality of the Year?” », Host and actress Morpheus Morin arrives at 6E Position, with 7% of the vote … comedian and host Jay du Temple (8% of respondents received praise) and the perfect player Laurent Duvernay-Tordiff (20% of respondents).

It is for this reason that I believe 2021 will be the year of the Maripier Morin Rehabilitation. That’s why I find the words made by Charles LaFortune very relevant Tower Monday day.

Teeth of La Morin

I have always identified Charles Lafarge as a GBS man (common sense). Righteous, with a moral sense, with a big heart, with a nice head on his shoulders.

As a producer, I explained to Patrick Howard on Monday the reasons why he chose to re-engage Maripier Morin in his second season. Wrong, I thought he had found the right words to describe … common sense.

“The first conversation is to talk to the person. I wanted to know what had happened and what she had taken as a step. What are you going to do, you have lost everything in your life, you have nothing left. This is still a serious social sentence. “

Everything is here.

Listen to the person first, give them a chance to hear their story (Listen to the other side, Listen to the other party as the late Bernard Laundry said).

Then, after capturing the facts, weigh the balance, the mistake made on one side and the punishment imposed on the other side. The expression “extreme social sentence” used by Charles Lafortune is absolutely correct, powerful and relevant.

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When however Farewell, Nearly four million people will see live, sketch your name (Morin teeth), We agree because no one knows what you did in Quebec. This is a reminder that the world of show business is full of sharks …

Charles Lafarge and Patrick Howard stressed the importance of trusting and condemning Safia Nolin. Charles Lafortune impressed me with his greatness when he talked about the second chance.

“At some point, you have to act like a good father. There is a right to rehabilitation, because I do not know what it says about our humanity if we do not rehabilitate. “

Charles is right. Our entire justice system is based on this principle of “rehabilitation”, even for the worst offenders. So in the case of a person who does not even have the opportunity to face justice, it cannot be assumed that it does not apply in an appropriate form.

Restoration justice

You know what poet and singer Leonard Cohen said in his song Anthem ? “There is an error in everything, this is where the light enters. “

An error … do you understand?