May 28, 2022

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Omar C dusts off Arsenal Lupine on Netflix

Omar C dusts off Arsenal Lupine on Netflix

(Paris) embodied the myth of a character on screen by changing it to 21E Century, this is the challenge that French actor Omar C took to the poster of this series Lupine, in the shadow of Arsene, Launched Friday on the Netflix site in search of great success Has been prepared in France.

É Raleigh Carabin
France Media Agency

Exit the top hat and monocle, the French favorite actor does not play the hero character invented by Maurice LeBlanc in 1905, but Arsene Lupine’s admirer Assange Diop is anchored in Paris today.

False identities (maintenance agent, bicycle delivery man, computer scientist …), handcuffing, jewelry theft … This father was inspired by a thief gentleman to deceive the rich and powerful and to avenge his dead father. 25 years after he was convicted of a crime he did not commit.

As Omar C explained on Monday on the television show Cotidian Set ఏమి What to enjoy: “Lupine, this is everyone, this is nobody, he’s classy, ​​elegant, intelligent, tactile ‘Advance, seductive, chic, active … you can play anything, there is drama, it’s Fun, […] There is action ”, an actor“ dreams ”.

“Family Fun”

“The great thing about playing Omar Assange is that with his charisma, his smile, we want him to succeed despite his crimes,” scriptwriter George Kay told AFP (Criminal, Eve Killing), At the controls Lupine In collaboration with the French Franకోois Uzan (Family business).

In fact, the sympathy inspired by the actor and his talent allows for the forgiveness of some of the big strings, the chosen cast (Ludwin Sagnier, Herve Pierre – from the comedy franchise -, Nicole Garcia, Clotilde Hesme, Antoine Gaui, Shirin Boutheli, as well as Sofia) Realization.

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Produced by Goumont, the series is made up of ten episodes, the first five of which, about forty minutes, are available on Fridays. Made by three French Louis Letterrier (Elusive) And two Chilean Marcela Said (Mariana).

According to George Kay, the series was designed to be “Family Entertainment” and “Unify”, at a time when “everyone likes to isolate themselves in their living room with their headphones”, George Kay said.


Arsene Lupine, the British inventor who had more contact with Sherlock Holmes than the French bandit before contacting Netflix, was reluctant to change to 21E The BBC’s century with the famous detective in Sherlock.

“I wanted to show France through the eyes of characters of different ethnic origins […], Can explode the bubble of the French establishment without Robin Hood “, explains George Kay, who instigates social inequalities or” frankfrick “in his illustration.

Maurice LeBlanc’s work turns out to be “its own character” in the series, which joins the Winks to Lupinophils: a police fan of the gentleman’s robbers or a pilgrim to Etretat, a scene from one of the most famous novels, Hollow needle.

Appearing in film (most recently Romain Duris in 2004 under the direction of Jean-Paul Salome) and on TV (in the 1970s and 1980s by Georges Desquirers and Jean-Claude Brially), Arsene Lupine also inspired a manga that became very popular.

Another series modernizing the Gentleman-Thief is set to see daylight in 2020 under the leadership of director Jalil Lespert and screenwriter Abdel Rauf Duffry. The project, announced a year before Netflix in 2017, told construction company Sinafrance AFP that it needed to “reconsider” when facing competition from the platform.

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In recent years, Netflix has accelerated the production of original French content (Heart plan, Family business Or late Revolution), Was not always well received by critics who circled his first French series, Marseille, In 2016.

Should see if Lupine Prior to Season 2, it will find its audience in France and abroad, the date of which has not been announced.