February 23, 2024

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Curfew on every item

Curfew on every item

By Saturday, Quebecars will be subject to a curfew between 8pm and 5am. Description of measurement, its effects and its application.

Judith LachapelleJudith Lachapelle

Where has the curfew been so far?

Since the outbreak, many countries have resorted to curfews in Europe (Belgium, Spain, Italy, Greece, etc.), Asia or other parts of the United States (Puerto Rico, Colombia). In France, where a national curfew has been in place since the fall at 8pm, the measure was reinforced on Saturday in 15 sections east of the country, where six million French people should be home by 6pm. – New measures will also be announced on Thursday. In the United States, local curfews are in effect, particularly in California, Ohio and Massachusetts, usually from 10 p.m.

Is imposing a curfew an effective measure?

“A single measure never works, you need some action,” recalls Roxanne Borges da Silva from the School of Public Health at the University of Montreal. But yes, everything indicates that the curfew will break the epidemic. “In France, after the curfew was imposed on October 30, they went from 80,000 cases in a few days to 10,000-20,000 cases a day,” Mr said.To me Borges da Silva. D. at a press conference on Wednesdayr Horacio Arruda recalled that “curfew can reduce contact”, thus affecting virus transmission.

How is the measure applied?

In France, anyone away from home after a curfew must submit a defamation certificate (downloaded from a government website) to justify their departure. Individuals intercepted by police without a certificate face a fine of 135 euros (CAN $ 210) to 3,750 euros (CAN $ 5,800) if they commit a repeat offense. In Quebec, Premier Franకోois Legalt announced that the fine would vary between $ 1,000 and 000 6,000. On the other hand, curfew officials are not required to submit an official document to justify departure after curfew time. At the press conference, Mr. Legalt “see the possibility of having documents […] To help the police ”. In the meantime, “the police understand, but ask for good reasons” to justify leaving after 8 p.m. Does the Quebec policy deny enough? Roxanne Borges asks da Silva. “People have to negotiate with the police to avoid fines. We can always have a good reason to stay out.”

When was the last curfew imposed in Quebec?

No, it was not during the October 1970 crisis. Contrary to many media (including this) Tap3) Written on Wednesday, author and historian Louis Fournier recalls that the federal government never imposed a curfew on Quebec during the October crisis. The War Measurement Act, Initiated by the federal government in October 1970, contains a number of regulations not used by the authorities. Authorities used arrangements to make arrests without a warrant, but did not resort to the imposition of curfew or censorship, for example. So, apart from the targeted actions introduced by the Japanese against the Japanese nationals or against adolescence in some cities during World War II, the last general curfew dates back to the Spanish flu pandemic, which erupted in 1918.


How to live with curfew

Lambert Leduk and Funny de Longchamp, two readers Tap Those who share their lives between London and Paris, tell us about their experience of curfew.

How is life with curfew? “Apart from the ‘abstraction’ of our day-to-day activities, curfew does not interfere with our lives as much as you might think.

Is it difficult to comply? “It depends on each person’s situation, but for us, it’s very easy to follow, because there is very little incentive to go out after 8pm, because everything is closed (restaurants, cafes, bars, etc.). For example, we take the opportunity to do our physical activity during the afternoon, which prevents us from going there at night during the curfew. ”

Is it easy to turn around, or exciting? “Believe it or not, winter in Paris is colder than you think!” So there is really no temptation to be outside in the middle of January after 8pm. Naturally, for weekend evenings, we want to meet friends… However, we want to do our part and choose similar video chats instead. Zoom in, Face time, Etc.

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