May 24, 2022

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Elected officials are asking White House officials to stay in office

Elected officials are asking White House officials to stay in office

After announcing several resignations in protest of the attack on Congress, lawmakers on Thursday demanded that Donald Trump allow cabinet and White House officials to keep their tenure stable. By supporters of the outgoing president.

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“For those of you who want to leave your post to send the message, I call on you not to do so,” said Lindsay Graham, a Republican close aide to Donald Trump who promised stability along with the president in the final days of his mandate. Republicans will hand over power to Joe Biden on January 20.

Chief Media Officer Staff Mark Meadows, Presidential National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien, and attorney White House Pat Sipolon.

“Many Americans will never know the service that Mark Meadows and Pat Cipolone and those under their leadership have done to this country over the past year,” the senator told a news conference.

“Robert O’Brien, you are a good lawyer for the President. You are a consistent and consistent force. I have lost your call. Robert, stay,” he pleaded.

“For those who work for national security, you need more than ever.”

Earlier on Thursday, the first member of Donald Trump’s cabinet announced his resignation: Transport Minister Elaine Chao referred to his “trouble” when Donald Trump supporters attacked the Capitol. She is also the wife of Republican senator leader Mitch McConnell.

Also on Thursday, U.S. Ambassador to Northern Ireland Mick Mulvany resigned, citing violent incursions into Capitol, the United States congressional seat.

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“I can’t stay, not after yesterday,” Donald Trump’s chief of staff told CNBC.

Other White House employees also announced their departure, less than two weeks after Democrat Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Many other MPs encouraged members of the administration not to leave, fearing they would give a free hand to the impassioned president.

“I want quality men and women at all levels of the federal government to be in their positions to protect our democracy,” said Democratic Senator Joe Munchin.