May 25, 2022

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Epidemic: The state and the citizens have failed

Epidemic: The state and the citizens have failed

Despite severe restrictions and severe repression of criminals, the epidemic in Quebec escaped control.

In search of prey, travelers have proven to be comfortable in recent days. However, we see that they have nothing to do with the current spread.

Some are attacking the softness of the federal government and are in the process of throwing the baby out of the bath water by attacking some relief measures, although this has proven to be very useful.

At the Quebec level, the government is doing its part, however, leaving much-needed action in the eyes of experts.

The vast majority of citizens who have overcome the limitations of the spread of coronavirus and become vectors are equally concerned.

Can’t stop scams?

Responsible behavior

We can never say enough, our governments must be consistent in their actions if the population is to have a chance to be heard.

Justin Trudeau should act swiftly to close loopholes in the legislative menu or government decisions when they appear.

Ventilation problems in Franకోois Legalt government buildings must be addressed if schools are to be kept open and caregivers are to maintain health.

Citizens should be well-integrated with personal safety measures and be committed to them without respect for others.

Logical consequences

Huge fines have not really been prevented so far.

We do not know if an armed and dangerous man will surround us in the middle of the crowd, we will put him in jail.

Instead of detaining responsible persons, detention may be imposed on persons in a place of surveillance and at their expense who engage in offensive behavior.

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Freedom stops when we put others in danger!