May 23, 2022

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Travel south of what Air Canada paid for a public health officer

Travel south of what Air Canada paid for a public health officer

A senior Canadian public health agency has agreed to travel to Jamaica to pay for Air Canada Vacations, raising questions as Canadians want to restrict themselves to the trips they need.

According to the “Globe and Mail” article that released the article on Thursday, Dominic Baker has ignored Canadian public health advice, which has been repeated since March, in all forums, following the outbreak, saying it would be better to postpone its travel plans.

While she was trekking in mid-November, she also shared photos and videos of herself in the tropics, pictures that have since disappeared from her social networks.

According to the newspaper, she explained in a video that the two butlers were not with her. “One of our two butlers is currently bringing our Pina Coladas […] Thank you, Air Canada Vacations, ”she said.

Mrs. Baker is the Acting Manager of the Border Health Services Office affiliated with the Public Health Agency. She was with a friend at the Royalton Blue Waters in Montego Bay, and thus became an “influencer”, inspiring Canadians to fly south.

The “Globe” revealed on Wednesday that Air Canada was sending influencers south to ask Canadians to pack their bags despite a public health call to stay home smart when the epidemic strikes.

“The agency has consistently told Canadians to stay away from travel during the epidemic. Therefore, it is not entirely acceptable for employees to ignore these travel instructions, ”Ian Stewart, president of the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), said in an email to the QMI agency.

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His company learned of the unnecessary trip in November in a campaign promoting overseas travel. “Once alerted, PHAC responded immediately and the review was launched,” Stewart said. We do not make additional comments on this matter without respect for the employee’s privacy. ”

However, “In principle, we hope that PHAC employees will encourage Canadians to follow public health guidelines and not engage in unnecessary travel.”