May 23, 2022

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The Esquirol Clinic vaccines physicians and specialists

The Esquirol Clinic vaccines physicians and specialists

Anti-copy vaccine doses came to the Esquirol Saint-Hiller and Calabate d’Agene clinics. Ownership immediately launched and launched a three-step vaccination campaign: a medical visit to inform and obtain the person’s informed consent, a 15-minute surveillance to monitor the vaccine’s realization and, finally, what happened. Side effects.

The day after the census of vaccinated volunteers began, 57% of relevant experts have already answered yes to vaccines. So about 150 people will be vaccinated in three days.

The census will continue throughout January. For some, it is their duty to set an example. Dr. Christian Barachet, anesthesiologist at the institute, did not hesitate for a single moment: “Today is the best solution to save lives, reduce deaths and severe forms of Kovid-19.”

The establishment has played a major role in managing the health crisis in the regional organization since the outbreak began. It’s normal for us to be public health actors in the vaccine campaign, “said Lionel Combs, director of the clinic.

At the end of this first wave of internal vaccinations, the company proposed to open its vaccination center more widely in collaboration with liberal actors.

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