July 6, 2022

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Two specials are not to be missed for Infoman fans

Two specials are not to be missed for Infoman fans

After presenting a magazine for the year 2020 was able to mobilize 3,038,000 viewers, more than 1,078,000 compared to last year, Jean-Rene Duffort This new year invites people with two specialtiesInfoman.

The show airs this evening from 7:30 p.m. TV here Second Edition Journalistic Gala It respects the best and worst mistakes of journalists from all over the planet, including the beautiful province!

In the heart of the gala, the pandemic undoubtedly provided a lot of material, but also a difficult time in the world of journalism. MC Gilles Takes care of the regional part of the ceremony Chantal Lamar Visits newsletters with great taste.

Then, on January 14, Jean-Rene Dufort invited us to attend a major debate to determine the most underestimated event in modern Quebec history. To do this, he and the historian Laurent Turquoise Will be the talk of the town with wonderful guests all around Vincent Leonard, Meeker Gearier, Lyon Labrech-Dor, Leslie Chesterman And Isabelle Browlet.

According to their confrontations, Infoman colleagues, MC Gilles and Chantal Lamarre will comment on their claims for our great pleasure.

Do not miss the ICI Télé on January 7th and 14th.

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