December 10, 2023

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“Actors who must be treated physicians”

"Actors who must be treated physicians"
Vaccination against Kovid-19 is accelerating in France. Invited from Europe 1 on Saturday, the Confederation of French Medical Unions and the Nephrologist campaigned for greater involvement of general practitioners and local physicians in the vaccination process, and not just in hospitals.


The government is stepping up its vaccination campaign Kovid-19. The number of those vaccinated per 100,000 should reach the weekend. Jean-Paul Ortiz, president of the Confederation of French Medical and Nephrologists’ Unions (CSMF), invited from Europe 1 on Saturday, confirms that the vaccine campaign should play a greater role for general practitioners and should not be largely monopolized.

With about fifteen medical people, Jean-Paul Ortiz chose to vaccinate in front of the cameras in ulne-sous-bois. One way to reassure the population about the safety of the vaccine. According to him, this belief also requires the mobilization of local medicine: “We should be able to vaccinate as close as possible to their homes. Vaccination in the hospital is not questionable.”

5 or 6 vaccination sites per section maintained by general practitioners

“We can’t send all the French people to hospitals.” He specifically explained that the elderly cannot go to big hospitals because of their preference for vaccinations. “We also need to create mobile teams to go to nursing homes. We will not exclude them from the vaccine.”

According to Jean-Paul Ortiz, the process is already underway. The classic scheme at the departmental level consists of a hospital having a major vaccination center, then small areas on the outskirts: “The goal is, on average, for each unit, there will always be five or six other vaccination sites to treat and vaccinate with generous physicians.”

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