February 24, 2024

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Bills win the first playoff game in 25 years

Bills win the first playoff game in 25 years

(Orchard Park) Quarterback Josh Allen threw two touchdown passes, one run and Micah Hyde knocked down a desperate pass from the reverse, giving Buffalo Bills their first playoff victory in the quarterfinals. De Sicil, 27-24 with Indianapolis Colts on Saturday afternoon.

John Wavro
Associated Press

The bills ended with a six-game defeat in the playoffs. The series began on December 30, 1995 with a 37-22 win over the Miami Dolphins.

In addition, they won their first home playoff game in 24 years and had 6,700 in front of an audience for the first time this season.

Allen finished his day with 26 completed passes in 35 attempts for a 324-yard gain. He threw a five-yard touchdown pass to Dawson Knox and a 35-yard touchdown pass to Stephen Diggs.

Photo by Adrian Cross, AP

Josh Allen (17)

Bills’ first color bearer, Digs finished the game with six catches for 128 yards, leading to the NFL, which gained air through regular season catches and yards.

The outcome of the game was decided on the final game when the rivers faced a fourth down and 11 yards distance from the Bills’ 47-yard line.

Long pass to veteran Colts quarterback TY Hilton, who surrounded with several defensive players on the right side of the end zone. Hyde stepped on this team of players, jumped into the gall and dropped the ball.

Bills (14-3) recorded their seventh consecutive victory after losing 32-30 to Arizona Cardinals on November 15.

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Rookie puncher Tyler Boss scored, eventually scoring a 54-yard field goal, giving the Bills a 27-16 lead with 8:08 left in the fourth quarter.

Photo by Jeffrey T. Barnes, AP

Tyler Boss (2)

For their part, the Colts (11-6) ended a season in which they had 11 wins for the first time since 2014.

Under the guidance of head coach Frank Reich they are in their second playoff performance in three years.

On his first playoff outing with the Colts – and his last at the end of his career – Rivers had 27 of his 46 passes for a 309-yard gain. His career record in the playoffs was 5-7.

Photo by Mark Konezney, USA Today Sports

Philip Rivers (17)

Under conditions similar to last year, Bills lost a 16-0 third-quarter lead at 22-19 overtime loss to Houston Texans, causing the bills to slip nearly 24-lead. After a perfect pass to Allen Diggs in the fourth quarter, aside.

The Colts responded with a seven-game, 75-yard offensive streak that covered Jack Pascal with a nine-yard touchdown pass.

After the boss’ s placement, the Colts made another touchdown, less than two minutes later when they reached the reverse, for a 27 – yard touchdown, which went unnoticed. Doyle grabbed another pass from the reverse, one in a two-point conversion attempt to bring the Colts just three points behind the bills.

“No matter how it is,” Allen said. “It simply came to our notice then. It’s a success, or we’ve come home, and we’re done. Next week we need to shift our focus towards our future opponent. ”

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In the first half, the Colts crossed the middle of the field in each of their five offensive series, but the ball was limited to one touchdown and a field goal, and the ball bounced for more than nine minutes.

Despite four attempts on the Bills’ four-yard line, the Colts, who were leading 10-7, took a turn for the worse when they failed to add that lead.

The Bills battled back with a 96-yard ten-play push with 14 seconds left in the first half for a touchdown with Allen’s five-yard run.

“Our defense did a great job,” Allen praised. “Half the time ago, she helped us get points.”

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