May 25, 2022

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The character returns despite dying in The Beautiful Malaise 2.0: 2017 Final!

Les beaux malaises 2.0 : Ce personnage sera de retour malgré sa mort dans la finale de 2017!

Before the holidays, What Unveiled Trailer of Beautiful inconveniences 2.0, And it didn’t take long for us to start freaking out. Still, for comic series fans, one question remains!

In fact, when Return to the show, We learned that the original cast would once again slip into the skin of their characters Catherine Prouls-Lame.

However, the actress who played Patrick’s wife Voronic (Patrice Rabbitail) The latter were assassinated during the grand finale during the broadcast of the show from 2014 to 2017. So how can she make a comeback in the long-awaited sequel?

Credit: Screen Shotless Bucks Illnesses

The answer is very simple, and it is 7 days Who gave us when speaking Franకోois Award, Co-author of the series Martin Matte.

« This is the sprain we have made in the last three seasons. In the end, Patrick is killing his wife, but we turn that murder into a fantasy instead. Patrick is still in a relationship with Voronic “, Described Franకోois Award.

Such a decision was made just for the sake of the theme. So the murder could have only happened on Patrick’s head. So we expect many other moments between this couple who have been struggling for a long time.

Will the split between Julie and Martin in the show lead them to do the same?

It will need to be heard Beautiful inconveniences 2.0 From January 27 to find out!

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