May 19, 2022

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The first surprise in the NFL

The first surprise in the NFL

The Los Angeles Rams made their first NFL playoff surprise in Seattle on Saturday, beating the Seahawks 30-20.

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The Rams, who finished sixth in the National Association, finished third, beating their division rivals.

The quarterbacks of both teams were obscured by opposing defenses. In the camp of the lost structure, Russell Wilson was not a shadow to himself. He completed 11 of his 27 passing attempts for a 174-yard gain. He made two discounts for a Major, but he also faced a costly interruption, returning for a touchdown by defensive back Darius Williams.

For his part, Jared Goff had to be relieved to start quarterback John Wolford, although he is recovering from toe surgery. After a massive acquaintance with an opposing player at the start of the game, he left Wolford Stadium and went to the hospital by ambulance.

With nine passes for 155 yards, Goff did the minimum, in addition to completing the discount for the Major. The 26-year-old is able to score back to the Com Acres who finished the game with a total of 176 yards, including 131 runs. He once crossed the goal line.

Buffalo can celebrate his bills

At Buffalo, the Bills have not played a home playoff game in 25 years and they made sure their fans did not have to wait long to bring in another because they won their first game in the playoffs. 27 to 24 against the Indianapolis Colts.

By the end of the game Sean McDermott’s men were a little scared, but the defense held the fort to lead the bills into the next round. The New York State team will play this next game at home, but the opponent will know Sunday.

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Quarterback Josh Allen completed 26 of 35 passing attempts for 326 yards, giving up two discounts for a major. He also added 54 yards and a touchdown down the run.

Once again, his favorite target, Stephen Diggs, is very productive. The receiver finished the game with six catches for 128 yards, not once crossing the goal line.

For his part, the Colts Philip Rivers’ pivot did not have to be ashamed of his performance, he threw two touchdowns and took 309 yards of aerial gain.